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 Kevin Saltzer I’m Kevin Saltzer and CandleGuysROK! I have been a Unit Leader with PartyLite for 3 years. BEST move I ever made is Leadership… Home Decor, Candles, Fragrance, Accessories & Two Sisters Gourmet foodline. Our top 3 sellers are those who are out to help ohters with both Home Beautification and Changing peoples lives… www.partylite.biz/candleguysrok  or www.facebook.com/candleguysrok Book your HOME show or Catalog show with CandleGuysROK and receive your Host Exclusive Item. Weathered Zinc Lamp for only $25 Retail value will be $85 when it becomes available in the Catalog… You can place orders on my personal website www.partylite.biz/candleguysrok by simply logging onto the page and click SHOP… Thank You Kevin Saltzer CandleGuysROK / PartyLite

 Kimberly Turner  Hello I’m Kimberly. I’m an independent scentsy family consultant. We offer wickless flameless candles to make your home smell wonderful. Our wax never gets hot enough to burn so its safe around kids and pets. We also carry personal care products.  You can shop at www.lovemywax.scentsy.us feb we have a 10% off sale going, and march starts our new catalog.   Some of our top products are our scent buddies, stuffed animals that you can place a scent pak of your choice in. Our warmer run on low watt bulbs so that are a hit and we carry over 80 scents in our bars so you Are sure to find a scent you like.

  Mary-Lu Lazzaro 1) Hello,My Name is Mary-Lu Lazzaro and i am a Lead Consultant with “SCENTSY”. I have been selling for over 2 years and LOVE to help people make their home, office and vehicles smell awesome! Scentsy wickless is just that- wickless flamless and sootless candles that are great for all ages- woman and men! Scentsy is a Simple System with distinctive warmers that melt a specially formulated wax with the heat of a low watt bulb, enhancing your home with more than 80 Scentsy fragrances, with no flame, smoke or soot!”No more worry about open flames!”  The top 3 sellers are: Scentsy Buddies- these are our take on stuffed animals that come with a scent pak which is placed in the zipper part of the animals back side to allow the scent to fill a room, 2nd top seller is our full size warmers- these allowthe whole house to be scented with one of our fabulous scents, 3rd top seller is: our plug ins- these are used for bathrooms or smaller areas.  Visit me online at  www.marylu.scentsy.us  and my facebook personal page is Scentsy with Mary-Lu 6) Order through me -and take advantage of the Spring special. Spend $50.00 in (product total) and you will get 10% off Valid thru April 15th 7) To order – you can go to my website  www.marylu.scentsy.us and order from an open online party You can also email me and leave your name number and order and i will call you to verify and get payemnt. Or you can call me @ 850-797-6577 and we can do it right over the phone— EASY as pie!
 Reannen Anderson  Hi, my name is Reannen Anderson and I sell PartyLite. I have been with the company for 2 years and LOVE it and I know that special someone in your life will love it to. Our products are #1 when it comes to quality AND price.  The top 3 sellers are warmers ($25-$35), hurricanes($75-85) and the NEW essential jar candles(($15). Visit me on fb at www.facebook.com/reannenspartylite or on my website at www.partylite.biz/reannena  I can help you get $5 off any order of $30+  Just go to my website and click “shop”! It’s that easy!! If you have any questions feel free to contact me!
  Erica Chaves Sandwall  My name is Erica Sandwall. I am a consultant Scentsy . I can help you SAVE on any order. Scentsy offers fabulous smelling products that are wickless/flameless, as well as kid friendly products like Buddies.  My 3 Favorite products are: Scentsy: Bars (in over 80 different scents), the Silhouette warmer collection, and Washer Whiffs & Dryer Disks (that’s technically four items but the laundry care is amazing so you definitely need both!!) Visit me at https://ericadsandwall.scentsy.us/   AND HURRY: The New Spring catalog for Scentsy launches March 1,2013. Just visit the links above and you can check out online. No need to attach to a party. Just add items to your shopping basket and check out. Items will ship once your order is placed and you receive an order #. Happy shopping! 🙂
  Barbara Vandevender Zimmerman  Hello, I’m Barb an idependent consultant for Pink Zebra Candles.  Pink Zebra offers a wide variety of Home Fragrance Scent Sprinkles, simmer pots, soaps and lotions,as well as candle accessiories.  Our top three items  1) The scent sprinkles. The sprinkles allow you mix your favorite scents and create your very own recipes and are made from soft soy and parafin.  2) Our Simmering Lights. Simmering Lights is a warmer that allows you to change the outter shade to create differnt looks to fit your mood or decor.  3) Glimmer Candles. The candle kits allows you to create a candle with a wick. Whick makes it very easy to layer your scents as a flamed candle.  my website and catalog link www.PinkZebraHome.com/BarbZimm  Each month Pink Zebra offers a fragrance of the month. February fragrance is CINNAMON SPICE
  Marilyn Arriaga  Hello my name is Marilyn Arriaga. Spoil Yourself Boutique offers a wide variety of quality items at affordable prices, has a gift registry, offers gift certificates, even learn how to get products you love for free.  I offer many items, here are just a couple of categories I offer Skin Care, Purses, Totes and accessories, Natural and Organic, Romantic relationship consulting and enhancements, Weight Loss, Supplements and Greeting Cards too.   I want to tell you what my Scentsy lines top 3 sellers are   Scentsy Buddy – Wow an amazingly soft animal buddy of your choice along with a scent pak creates a very soft, familiar, relaxing friend. I use Mollie the Monkey as my mascot, she also helps one of my boys fall asleep. She is a great entertainer during events and parties too. She smells nicely too with her Scent Pak hidden inside her body in a zippered pocket.  Scentsy Warmers – What a better way to bring amazing scents to your home or office. Using a special low watt light bulb to warm our food based wax you have over 80 different scents to choose from to enhance your mood in any room, any size home, the office, daycares and more. We offer warmers to compliment any decor, season and holiday. We also have armed forces and collegiate warmers too. Even scents made for men smell amazing. Scentsy Warmers are the best friends of fire officials; I love when they visit me and thank me for offering a safer version of the candles.  Bath and Body – Scentsy also has a great bath and body line as well, offering bath fizzes, shower gel and body lotion too. This layers collection also offers solid perfumes, washer whiffs and dryer discs for your clothes too. Please visit www.spoilyourselfboutique.com to check it out and be sure to check out this post and request a Free Gift bit.ly/XHTDN8 while you are there please connect with me on any of the social medias listed.  In case you got caught up reading my blog posts and forgot to check out my Facebook info here they are: http://www.facebook.com/GoodieBagsnBoxes and https://www.facebook.com/Easy2SpoilYourself I offer monthly deals of my own personally and they are combined with the product lines specials that are company specific. Stay up to date on my website as I run random giveaways and flash sales. My hostesses always get spoiled so be sure to become one and also get in on my VIP list too. I look forward to your bookmarking my website www.spoilyourselfboutique.com and joining my mailing list, products and services. Thank you for your consideration, Marilyn call or text me anytime 321-261-6123 or email me shoppinwithmarilyn@gmail.com
  Lisa Parker Fazio  Hi! I am Lisa Fazio an Independent Scentsy Family Consultant. We sell more than 40 different Warmers and over 80 different scents. We are a wickless, flameless, sootless SAFE candle company. Let me help you find just what you are looking for at a great price.  Visit my website at https://faz.scentsy.us/ to view the catalog or to place an order. We offer a new warmer and scent of the month ever month that is 10% off.
  Amanda Snyder Herman  Hello. My name is Amanda Herman. I sell Scentsy and Velata. Scentsy offers flameless, smokeless, safe for everyone candle warmers and wax. We have a wonderful variety of warmers, perfect for everyone, even those hard to buy people on your gift list. We have over 80 different scents to chose from anything from newborn nursery (smells like baby powder, perfect for a nursery) to zeppelin (a great scent for men). Anything you can think of we have or will have soon. Check out my Facebook fan page for Scentsy to see what deals I have going on for the next couple of days. It’s the 10% off sale for Fall/Winter catalog ends tomorrow, so hurry and get your order in. Spring catalog starts Friday and there are TONS of new products that everyone will be excited about. Amanda Herman – Independent Scentsy Consultant  Velata is a chocolate fondue system. Warmer is the same basic warmer as Scentsy, only for food. Friday starts the 10% off sale for all Velata products in current catalog. Velata chocolate is gluten free and straight from Belgium. It’s wonderful and creamy. It’s great for parties of all kinds or even for movie night. Check out my fan page for upcoming deals. Amanda Herman – Independent Velata Consultant.   On my pages, in the about section, you will be able to find directions on how to get to the online catalog and how to place an order and what type of options you have for payment. Thanks! Have a wonderful day! 🙂
  Wendy Kirkham m Hi, my name is Wendy Kirkham and I sell the World’s Finest Gold Canyon Candles. Gold Canyon is hands down the strongest scents out there! Once you go Gold Canyon you will never go back. You will be 100% satisfied with you Gold Canyon products. My top selling product is our candles. The mission of Gold Canyon has continued to evolve while remaining focused on family, charity, community and friendship. This dedication has been the driving force behind the company’s commitment to research and has resulted in many of the company’s most ground-breaking innovations including its cool wax, self-extinguishing wicks and a double-wick design for an even burn with no tunneling. My second top selling product is our Pod Warmers. Our warmers are hand crafted with intricate details. Each piece is unique–no two are exactly the same. The warmers are super easy and use scent pods so there is no scraping or wiping wax. Enjoy new fragrances in the blink of an eye by simply swapping in a new scent pod. There is also a worry-free timer. Never worry about forgetting to turn it off! Scent Pod Warmers let you decide how many hours of fragrance you want. Choose 4, 8, and 12 hours or power on. They are also so adaptable. Prefer using Home Fragrance Oil to scent your space? Simply add an Oil Warmer Adapter to any Pod Warmer for an instant transformation. Every warmer is CSA Safety Certified. You will never see exposed components or a low quality base on Gold Canyon Warmers. There is also no light bulb to change so no need to hunt down a consultant to buy a special light bulb. My third top selling product is our Homeology products, a collection of all-natural, biodegradable home cleaning products. Each cleaner contains fragrant essential oils for a pure and natural scent that soothes while wiping away dirt and germs. These all-natural cleaning superstars are effective, biodegradable and safe to breathe–for your entire family. Our specials change on a monthly basis and can be viewed by clicking on my website www.theamazingsmellofgold.mygc.com You may also find an online catalog on my website. I also have a Gold Canyon Facebook page which is https://www.facebook.com/goldcanyonrox Please check out this page to see what monthly specials or drawings I’m offering of my own.
  Tara Robison Taylor  Hi everyone!! My name is Tara Taylor, and I am an Independent PartyLite Consultant.  PartyLite has been making the best smelling candles for 40 years. They are still the only candles that are burned in The White House, simply because they are the cleanest burning, longest lasting candles on the market. But PartyLite isn’t just candles anymore!! We offer home decor, warmers and melts, soy products, and fragrance sprays too. We currently have a March Sale going on, when you shop through a current party. You can save up to 73% on the products in this sale!! But, BEFORE you shop, be sure to go to www.partylite.biz/tarataylor I will help you find just what you are looking for a t a great price. Like my page on FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/TarasTwinklingTreasures , and stay up to date on specials and sales each month. Place a $200 order, and get $30 FREE as a thank you gift from me!! Questions? email me at ttaylor121110@gmail.com 
  Diane Leach  Hi, My name is Diane, I am a mom and 2 years representative of Scentsy. I love my company and what we offer. Why you might ask? I love how safe it is for my children and me! I have MS and tend to forget things and drop things A LOT! I have come to realize that with Scentsy if I forget a warmer on it is okay because it doesn’t overheat and I have dropped many of these and the only thing I did was chip a top. The wax spilled over but I wiped it up with a dish rag. My dog got a hold of some and after calling corporate, I found out it was all a-okay. It is a food grade wax in the warmer that is why it is safe. My children have Autism with Sensory disorder and even though they are 12 and 9, both boys, they love the buddies. The get to change out the scent paks and it helps soothe them during those rough times and during the night with any nightmares. You can check out my online website at https://dianeleach.scentsy.us/ and if you have any questions you can reach me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/zebrabutterfly. This month we are premiering a new line of Scentsy Buddies called the Safari Collection. Our Campus Warmers are 40 percent off during March. Every month we premiere a new warmer and scent for 10 percent off. For March it is Green Thumb that looks like a Watering Can and Scent is Hello Yellow which is a bright flowery scent.

FOOD and Beverages

 Heather Anne Conroy-Mulvihill Hello and Welcome to That’s a Cup Full! your online source for great mail order K-cup coffees, teas and more and the brand new “sister site” to Hopology for Cool Beans your source for over 100 varieties of Gourmet Pre-Ground Coffees and Mr. Beer Products. So you ask when we already have a GREAT SITE for your coffee needs why would we need another one? It’s simple K-cups are the “New Direction” for coffees almost everyone who is anyone has one and we saw the need to give the people what they want. Unfortunately as it stands Our current Roasters for Our fine line of Cool Joe Coffees think a little different and we get that as they like us are a smaller company and it costs a lot to get the “new technology” to get your coffees into K-cups. So we have spent the last six months hunting down some of the best blends and selections we could find to bring to you that is why we are proud to introduce you to “That’s a cupfull!” as we hope to be able to better serve you Our Customers, Friends and Loyal Fans. Sincerely,  H.A. Conroy-Mulvihill and “The Bean Team” at Hopology  Brands we will carry thru this Site Include: Marley Coffee Coffee People Wolfgang Puck Starbucks Timothy’s Caribou Coffee Emeril’s Green Mountain Coffee Tully’s Gloria Jean’s  Barista Prima  Van Houtte Twinnings Celestrial Seasonings and MANY, MANY MORE OF YOUR FAVORITE BRANDS!  http://thatsacupful.weebly.com/

 Lenett Hunt I am Tanya Yarbrough, I am a Representative for The Gourmet Cupboard. I am excited to share our gourmet mixes with you! Each mix is hand made using only the finest gourmet ingredients at just proportions. Each mix includes all of the dry ingredients you simply add a few other ingredients (sour cream, cream cheese, water, etc.) Our products are all individually handmade in southeast Texas and most contain no preservatives, msg, or chemicals. We also have a line of products for diabetics. Check out my website, I also have a facebook fanpage, please feel free to visit both.  www.tanyastreats.thegourmetcupboard.biz
 Li-Anne Thatsme  I am with Jerky Direct, provider of organic gluten-free beef & all natural beef, buffalo, turkey & chicken jerky, fruit snacks and all natural gluten-free turkey pet strips…and even buffalo steaks! All made in the USA! Most of our products contain no preservatives, no MSG, no sodium nitrate, no added hormones – none of that yucky stuff you find in the store-bought brands! Our products are low fat & high protein! Tender, tasty and healthy!  My top 3 sellers are organic sweet & spicy beef, teriyaki buffalo and HOT buffalo wings style chicken!  Find out more about our company and our products by visiting my online store at www.eatmorejerky.info , be sure to look at our Preferred Customer Program, where for less than $15/month you can have your choice of any twinpack delivered to your door month after month. Forget the magazine subscriptions, get a jerky subscription instead! 🙂 You can also LIKE and follow me on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/eatmorejerky
  Heather Anne Conroy-Mulvihill  Hello and Welcome to the World of Epicure Selections!  Thank you very much for your interest in the products offered by Epicure Selections.  Epicure is something that is truly extraordinary: a 100% Canadian, 100% family -owned, women-led company committed to adding value to the lives of its Consultants, Customers and Canadian Communities. Epicure has everything you need to prepare great comforting meals, even if you only have 5, 10 or 15 minutes. So imagine coming home to mouth-watering, slow-simmered dishes you prepared in 5 minutes, or to the comfort of knowing you have everything you need to put together, in 10 minutes or less perfectly steamed dishes.  All of the products have little to no sodium so you can still enjoy the foods you love without the salt and many are Kosher as well!   NEW for 2013: Rustico Sauce Mix $9, NEW Seasoning for Meatballs & Meatloaf $9, NEW Fine Cheese Grater $13, NEW Seasoning for Rosemary Garlic Oven Fries $7 , NEW Seasoning for Cajun Oven Fries $7, NEW Seasoning for Pizza Oven Fries $7, NEW Seasoning for Citrus Chipotle Ketchup $7, NEW Crisper $20, All-Purpose Seasoning Salt $6  If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me at the e-mail address listed above or thru my website www. heatherconroymulvihill.myepicure.com and I will contact you asap. I would appreciate if you would select me to assist you in all of your future Epicure Selections needs.
  Russ Tolman  My name is Russ Tolman. I am a store owner with Jerky Direct. OUR PROMISE is to provide high quality, all natural and organic products at a fair market price. Unlike most jerky in the marketplace, Jerky Direct Natural Jerky is made from Beef, Buffalo, and Turkey that comes from animals that have never received artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. Not only does it taste GOOD, but it is GOOD for you!  Top 3 SELLERS *Natural Buffalo Jerky – Slab Style*  *Original Extra Tender Beef Jerky * *Natural Turkey Jerky*  Visit me on fb at www.facebook.com/jerkydirectutah or at www.eatitup.jerkydirect.com  Get up to half a pound of premium quality, all-natural or organic jerky for only $12.00.  To order got to http://eatitup.jerkydirect.com/. Click on retail shopping, click on the product you would like. Next click add to cart, then checkout. super easy way to get a healthy snack.
 Marcie Read Samartino  Hi! I’m Marcie Samartino, your meal solutions provider with Tastefully Simple! Tastefully Simple is the number one taste testing company and has delicious and versatile products that only require one or two ingredients or are open and enjoy. We have single products, value packs, collections, and gift packs, and oh yes DRINK BUCKETS!!!!  Our top 3 sellers are Bountiful Beer Bread, Drink Buckets, and various seasonings. My website can be found at www.tastefullysimple.com/web/msamartino. My Facebook Page can be found at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Marcie-Samartino-Independent-Tastefully-Simple-Consultant/238320992864308  I have a personal special for March: Purchase $50 and receive a FREE Bountiful Beer Bread! Must message me to receive the order.  To order just go to www.tastefullysimple.com/web/msamartino. Click on Shop Our Products and you are on your way! Also you can view recipes for all of our products at any time by clicking on Try Our Recipes. You can email me anytime with questions at marcies9@comcast.net. Our products are extremely versatile and I’d also be happy to help you.
  Susan Rogers Darnell  Hello my name is Susan Rogers Darnell, and I am a Team Manager with Tastefully Simple. If you are looking for great food, this is the company. Simple, quick recipes with gourmet tastes! We have a brand new catalog beginning this Friday, March 1st!  The food you LOVE, the TIME you deserve!  Seasoned Salt, goes great with anything! Love a little kick added to your dishes, our Fiesta Party Dip Mix is the spice for you! And what goes with everything? Our Bountiful Beer Bread! Available in single or triple packs.  www.tastefullysimple.com/web/sdarnell1 is the place to go and check out our newest products!  https://www.facebook.com/TasteSimpleIndConsSdarnell is my Facebook page, and to shop, simply visit the website listed above (www.tastefullysimple.com/web/sdarnell1)  We have some wonderful hostess specials for both March and April. If you would like to be added to my email list, please feel free to go to my Facebook page and like it and request to be added. I will be emailing all the monthly specials as they become available.  On the webpage, make sure you see my name listed at the top of the page, put the items you would like to purchase in your cart and process payment as directed through the checkout process. The products will be shipped direct to your front door!
 Karri Vandagrifft Hi I am a Tastefully Simple Consultant. Tastefully Simple is “The food you love, the time you deserve” we have items from breads to drinks, to desserts to meal ideas. Our top three items would be our Beer Bread that goes gret with anything retail at $5.99, Seasoned Salt that you can use on everything except candy and ice cream retails $8.99 and our Absolute Almond Pound Cake thats great to make a cake, cookies or muffins retails $6.99.  With spring right around the corner and business sports schedules we can help you make dinner 30 mins or less  With over 5,000 recipes online. you can view the cataolg at www.tastefullysimple.com and then “like” me at www.facebook.com/KARRITS. there i will be posting specials, recipes and all the newest additions to come! AND…the last week of every week I over 15% off every order. Unfortunately this is only good directly through me as the website doesn’t accept my sales! Get in touch with me.
  Jen LaCour  Hi! I’m Jen LaCour and I’m a wine consultant with WineShop At Home! We are the premier direct seller of boutique-style wines not available anywhere else! I would love to show you how to shop for and find wines you enjoy, as well as introduce you to our phenomenal wine club, stemware, gift baskets, and personalized wines!  We are in the wine industry!  Our top three selling products would be our wine club, our handcrafted wines by the bottle, and our unique personalized wines!  You can find me here: http://www.texaswineo.com/ or here:http://www.facebook.com/TexasWineO   It is so easy to shop for our wines through our website! Our wines are very limited production, so if you find one you like, gobble it up before it’s gone! Also, if you need some help finding the perfect wine or gift, or designing a unique custom label for any occasion or event, you can contact me online or by phone – all of my contact information is listed on the website. I’m more than happy to help you with your wine selections! Cheers!
 Wanda Thomas Titus  Conect with me Wanda’s Steeped Tea on Facebook.  If you have an interest in Tea, especially a CANADIAN Owned Corporation, which blends and packages right here in SW Ontario, I would appreciate it if you searched out my business page. the website for my business is: www.mysteepedtea.com/WandaTitus/which you can view the catalogue, ( over 60 plus types of teas, baking mixes, condiments, tea of the month club, and of course all the wonderful tea related accessories.) place an individual order, consider an on line party that you HOST, also you can join the team directly on that site. This is for Canadian residents for my US Friends please contact me directly for orders and shipping arrangements. The company is expanding into the USA in March and this will be a great time to earn your kit for FREE make a profile and add to your business team members. if this is an interest for a New BEGINNING FOR SPRING. If you are ready to start your business as an American please message me and i will send you the link to become a member- we are expecting this to happen within the last week of Feb and kits going out in MARCH – IT is a LIMITED number of consultants hired so be ready when the link is sent to you please let them know that Wanda Titus has sent/ sponsored you as Canadians we can not have you on our Teams so you will be the FIRST LINE in the USA.  Steeped Tea is ALL NATURAL without any artificial flavour or additives. Our TOP SELLERS vary with the season however many of the iced teas become better sellers as the weather warms up and we spend more time outdoors and these same teas can be use for a healthier cocktail , marTEAnis etc. Please feel free to contact me at any time day or evening message me here, email steepedtea4u@gmail.com or call 519 739 0087 Thank you for your interest  LET’S MAKE TEA HAPPEN Wanda Titus  Steeped Tea Individual consultant and Team Builder
  Chelley Burton Pratt  Hi! My name is Chelley Pratt and I am a Team Leader with WineShop At Home, the premier seller of exclusive, artisan hand-crafted wines direct from our Napa, CA winery! We offer in-home wine tastings for you and up to 12 of your friends…the perfect try-it-before-you-buy-it wine edu-tainment experience! Great hostess benefits for you as well…you could earn up to 50% off a future purchase! Currently our best sellers include a sparking wine, our marvelous table wines and just re-released Dolcetto! You can order direct and have wines shipped to you from our winery by visiting my website www.blameitonthewine.com. Not sure what wine you might like? Feel free to contact me and I will help you find wines you will enjoy!
 Wendy Kirkham  Hi, I’m Wendy Kirkham and I sell Do You Bake? Do You Bake is a new direct sales company specializing in 100% natural food mixes, seasonings, meal solutions, and much more! We even offer all natural mixes for dogs and cats! Each and every one of our products are hand-packed. Our ingredients are locally sourced, fresh and never sit on a shelf!   The product line for Do You Bake? is made up of pre packaged goods that the consumer adds a few ingredients to at home while preparing the food. The product is all natural with no preservatives or dyes so you can have all of the goodness of the foods without the harmful chemicals or the guilt.  Do You Bake Recipes include baking mixes, breads and pastas, meal solutions, oils, spices, tea, coffee and much more. Seasonal mixes are added too. How does Chicken Parmesan and Brown Rice Pasta sound? Or what about Coconut Brownie Delight? yum  My top selling product are the beer breads. Serve up some quick and easy Beer Breads. 6 YUMMY flavors to choose from–Buffalo, Chocolate Chip, Classic, Italiano, Oh My! Onion, and Whole Wheat Flaxseed. Easy to make, and oh so YUMMY! Make a loaf, whip up some muffins, bake a cozy round or enjoy your Beer Bread as a sophisticated flat bread. There are so many ways to enjoy such a simple, yet delightful bread.  My second top seller are Grandpa’s Donuts. Just as the name says! These are old fashioned donuts made by Grandpa. We love sharing our new little healthy baked *twist* on old family *fried* traditions.  My third top seller is Slow Cooker Solutions. Each Slow Cooker Solutions comes with suggested cooking and baking times based on various Slow Cooker sizes. Enjoy a meal with just a little prep. Just Set it and Forget about it!  The specials change monthly and can be viewed on my website at www.doyoubake.com/wkirkham You may also visit my Facebook page to view what monthly specials and drawings I am hosting at https://www.facebook.com/doyoubakewithwendy
  Kim Mckay  Hi I am Kim Mckay with Do You Bake. An amazing company that offers 100 Natural baking mixes, meal solutions, slow cooker ideas, spices and yes even dog treat. There are NO chemicals, msg, preservatives or dyes in any of our mixes. From scratch baking in with the convenience of the box.  Our company excels in selling top quality products and the top 3 in my opinion would have to be Coffee Cake, Bake Enchilada Dip and Key Lime bars. This list is endless for the top favorites but those are a few.  View our entire collection here on my website: http://doyoubake.com/kimmckay or byviewing the catalog http://issuu.com/doyoubake/docs/do-you-bake-2013-catalog  Take advantage of our customer specials. For the month of March with any purchase you make you can receive the Very Onion Dip (2 pkg) for only $6 OR host your own party and reap the rewards. Monthly hostess specials plus amazing everyday hostess credits.
 Paulena Seal Covert  Hello my name is Paulena Covert, Team Manager for Tastefully Simple. This is the orginal taste testing compnay. I am your connection for easy-to-prepare foods & gifts! Our best sellers are our Bountiful Beer Bread, our wonderful spices, & drink buckets!!!! Please stop by my Facebook page for specials, recipes & a good time! www.facebook.com/SimplyPaulena.  You can find me online www.tastefullysimple.com/pcovert   For our Spring/Summer catalog the special is with a $50.00 purchase you get a 1/2 drink buckets. We also have monthly host specials that you don’t want to miss out on!
  Nicole Parodi  Hello my name is Nicole Parodi and I am a Senior Consultant with Tastefully Simple. We offer an array of semi-gourmet Food items plus amazing meal solutions for entertaining or everyday cooking. I would love to personally help you find a solution to the answere whats for dinner? Or pick out the perfect gift for someone speacial. And if you are looking to make some extra income I can help with that to!  We offer an array of Dips,Desserts,Drink Buckets ,Dressings,Sauces,Spices and of course BEER BREAD!!!! Plus meal planners complete with a grocery list.  Our top Three Sellers are #1 Beer Bread #2 Garlic Garlic # 3 Absolutely Almond Pound Cake  Feel free to like my Fan Page www.facebook.com/tastefullysimplewithnicoleparodi  And view our products and speacials on my website   www.tastefullysimple.com/web/nparodi  Contact me and I will help you shop.  I look forward to helping you and have a great day.