That NO Way Moment in Direct Sales

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Do you have a “NO WAY” story?  We want to hear it!
This is your chance to share your “NO WAY” story with thousands of Networkers that already understand Direct Sales!
Here are just a few examples:
“I could not believe it when I learned about the company COMP PLAN. My company actually pays… when you …”
“I went to the vitamin store to find the same product my company offers and they don’t have anything like it!”
“I lost …!  I never thought I could do that!”
“I have $5000 in beautiful jewelry and I didn’t have to pay a dime for it!”

What’s YOUR “NO WAY” Story?

Photo: It's "NO WAY" Wednesday at! This is your chance to share your "NO WAY" story with 1,338 people that already understand DS!  Here are just a few examples:  "I could not believe it when I learned about the company COMP PLAN. My company actually pays...  when you ...", "I went to the vitamin store to find the same product my company offers and they don't have anything like it!", "I lost ... in ...!", "I have $5000 in beautiful jewelry and I didn't have to pay a dime for it!"

What's YOUR "NO WAY" Story?
Share your story in the comment section below.  
  Polly Workinger I started Miche three years ago and there hasn’t been ONE MONTH that I haven’t made sales and exceeded my goals 🙂
 Hallie Freedman I lost a pant size in my first 4 days drink a shake that tastes like cake, hit the first rank and also earned my monthly product ($300 value) FREE in 6 days, earned my BMW in 42 days and replaced my day job income as a Speech Pathologist in 5 MONTHS! BAM…best. comp. plan. EVER!
 Jennifer Harding I came across Paparazzi by accident and I AM SO GLAD I DID! It has changed my life! Meeting great people and selling jewelry and hair accessories at AN AMAZING PRICE THAT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD! I MAKE 45% CASH IN MY POCKET RIGHT THEN AND THERE WITH EVERY PIECE I SELL! 🙂
 Tanya Brewster I tried this CRAZY wrap thing a month ago . Most of my stretch marks dissappeared and i lost 3 lbs! Next month I qualify for a $10,0000 bonus plus featured in Success From Home magazine!
 Heather Rhoads I’m on my way to qualifying for an all expense paid trip to HAWAII just for doing something I LOVE!!! Can’t wait for my husband and I to be in Hawaii without having to pay for it!
 Nakoma Pishko My husband found this amazing innovative product with Demarle at Home, I decided to become a consultant over a year ago and it has changed our lives. Not only do I make good money. And make a better life for my family I am able to help others as well. My business has given me so much and I love it. Amazing!!
 Keri Racicot Bresaw I had used proactiv in high school and college and it totally transformed my skin- when I ever learned that Rodan and Fields were the doctors and that I would have an opportunity to be one of the first independent consultants for them in my state, I knew that the products worked amazingly well, and that NOT taking this opportunity would be the missed opportunity of a lifetime! that’s my “No Way” moment!
 Dawn Wolfe I say amazing before and after photos on FB of people who had been using NeriumAD. I googled to find out more about the product and company as I wanted to buy a bottle. When I saw … that Jeff Olson had started the company 11 months ago. I said OMG no way!!! A ground floor opportunity with a product that really works. I’m in! That was 2 months ago and I just earned an IPAD 2 and am up for a Lexus Car bonus this month. I have been in MLM for over 20 yrs and have NEVER had my downline duplicate and grow so fast. At this rate by the end of the middle of next week I will have over 100 team members in my downline. I have prayed for a company like this since I first learned of the business model back in the early 90’s. My prayers have been answered. I am soooo grateful 🙂
 Leslie Rhoads I made director within 5 months with my company. Looking at a double digit paycheck before the coma this month. Both my Hubby and I are ale to be home with our kids FULL time. I love Origami Owl.

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With It Works, by my third month, I was making more in one month than I had in all my other businesses in a two year time span combined. Seriously! I’ve had many No Way moments with It Works including the wrap working, to earning a $10,000 bonus to having over 600 team members in just 9 months.

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