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Attracting the RIGHT People on Facebook

 “Let’s Be Friends”

You know how awkward it can feel sending a friend request to someone on facebook that you don’t actually know.  BUT… it really doesn’t have to be creepy.

Finding friends that you have interests in common with, like YOUR BUSINESS can be good for both you and the person you are making a new connection with.  Making NEW friends on fb can be fun for EVERYONE.

Think about it, these are people that you are going to have direct, personal contact and they might even turn in to potential customers and who knows, you might become their customer too, or maybe you will exchange referrals. It’s good for everybody, but especially for small-business owners, like you that want to connect directly with local people, this can give you and your business a big boost.

So…  YOU ready to make some new friends?love facebook

POST below in the comment section. Let us know that you LOVE making NEW friends and then give us a link to your fb page and your business website. If you want, you can also give a brief — very brief — bio of your involvement with your company.

Once you’ve posted about YOU, start making new friends with the other small business owners in the comment section below. You can send a friend request and/or comment about their post.  BE FRIENDLY! 

Take some time to find relevant connections. You don’t have to be friends with everybody. You’ll find that connecting with like minded people will inspire you.


FindSalesRep Independent Representatives the First to Receive Bitcoin Commissions

Not long ago announced that it would now be excepting payments in BITCOIN.  It was exciting NEWS in the Direct Selling world, but something was missing.

HERE IT IS… already has an easy commissions program for independent Consultants.  It is similar to many other home based businesses in that, Independent FindSalesRep Consultants are paid commission for referring other Direct Sales. Home Party, MLM, and Network Marketing Reps to  

Today made another BIG Bitcoin announcement. logo 2015

To all FindSaleRep Independent Consultants:

Get Paid 50% Commissions in Bitcoin with the FindSalesRep Consultant Program

There are a couple of major benefits to getting paid commissions in Bitcoin, including

* No minimum payout threshold

* Miniscule fees (about two cents)

* Near-instant transactions (you can access your commission minutes once we pay it out)

You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin (it’s hard to ignore when Bill Gates is raving about it). It can be a complicated topic but three things are simple:

1) You can pay anyone in the world almost instantly and with almost no fees on either end.

2) You can spend Bitcoin at many online and offline merchants and you can even get digital Gyft cards to stores like Amazon and Target at and earn 3% rewards.  That’s like getting a 3% bonus. And if you buy a Gyft card right away you don’t have to worry about what the price of Bitcoin will be tomorrow.

3) It’s easier than you think to get started.  The quickest way is to download an app to your mobile device.  Try “BreadWallet” on your iPhone and “Bitcoin Wallet” or “Mycelium” on Android. Make sure to write down any passwords and back up your wallet to a safe place.

Normally, fees can really add up on payments – amounting to several dollars with a service like PayPal (which we also offer as an option, but without some of the benefits like no minimum payout).  This is why many companies (including ourselves) have a minimum payout threshold for commissions. Also, did you know that it can actually take days for credit card payments and PayPal transfers to “settle”? Bitcoin transactions are near-instant and even transferring thousands of dollars happens within an hour. Because of the extremely low fees of Bitcoin transactions (you can send thousands of dollars for only two cents for example), we can offer no-minimum-payout threshold payments if you choose Bitcoin as a payment option.

One problem is that Bitcoins can be difficult to buy. Fortunately as a Consultant, you can get them the easy way, by earning 50% commissions 🙂

As far as we know no other Direct Sales Company is offering commissions paid in Bitcoin, so this is a BIG DEAL!

To get started, visit and choose Bitcoin as your payment method.

Your Friends at

We also accept Bitcoin as a payment option if you ever want to pay for a listing with Bitcoin.  

Learn more at

Your Friends at

Please see the sale page for full details.

Why Do People LOVE AVON Products

AVON has been in business for a long time.  You would think that the novelty would have worn off by now or that the fact that AVON is a Direct Sales company would have scared most customers off long ago, but NO.  AVON remains on top.  Avon is one of the most popular Direct Sales Companies in the world.

  Patty Zasloff  writes; I LOVE, EAT, BREATHE, and LIVE for Avon products!
I have been using their products since I was 18! I am a Unit Leader, President’s Club Member,
and Spirit of AVON Award Winner!!

I love the fact that Avon supports women wholeheartedly in everything they do!
They are avid supporters of the Breast Cancer cause as well as the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence cause! Avon has been empowering women since 1886!

I love to wear and sell Avon’s beautiful jewelry which is guaranteed to never
turn as well as sterling silver and gold, and their sturdy and beautiful handbags, etc.
I get compliments each and every time I wear these items!
And, my hubby loves smelling great and uses all the different colognes, body washes, and deodorants
for men such as Mesmerize, Derek Jeter Driven, and Unplugged by Bon Jovi!

Did you know Avon offers special promotions and products only available online?

Register online to receive promotional emails letting you know about new products,
FREE shipping codes, discount codes, and more – sign up for special offers and coupons TODAY!

To learn more about AVON and to find an ANON Rep please visit

Sources researched for ANON popularity facts:

avon independent photo


5 Ways To Protect Your Small Business From Fraud

1.  Put all sales through your company provided website. Legitimate buyers understand that you want to help them get the products that they are looking for and are happy to take your advise and shop directly on your company provided website.

get paid first2.  Obtain a buyers name, telephone number and mailing address, before you transact business. Some con artists give out false names, telephone numbers, addresses, and other info. Verify the accuracy of these things by ‘googling” those persons that you do not already know.

3.  Before you send any products, get the payment.  NEVER send the product first.   Legitimate retail business owners, like yourself,  ALWAYS get paid first.  You are not in the service industry.  Think about your company.  They sell retail products, just like the brick and mortar shops and stores that you walk in to everyday. Would they ever send you product first and then wait for you to pay them?  NO NEVER!  Before you send products, ask yourself a simple question. “What guarantee do I really have that this person will send money in the manner we agreed upon?”

4.  Don’t take risks when a new buyer entices you by offering to help you grow your business.  Always take your time making a decision. Legitimate business partners won’t pressure you to make a snap decision.

5.  If you are trading’ or ‘swapping’ meet in person and make the exchange at the same time.  NEVER be the first and wait for your part of the bargain to arrive latter.  Authentic buyer will understand and respect your need safe transaction.

Let’s Get You Found!

Most Popular New Direct Sales Products for 2014

Did your Direst Sales company offer a new product in 2014 that helped you build your business and change lives?  YES!!!
Photo: Did your company offer a new product in 2014 that helped you build your business and change lives.  Add a link and short description to your BEST Product of 2014 in the comments below.
  •   Kelly Cavanaugh Why yes, they did! But I have to choose the BEST?? That’s hard! I can’t, I’m sorry, lol! My company, Plexus Worldwide, introduced Plexus Boost and Plexus Block in 2014. Plexus Boost is a companion product to Plexus Slim, and helps with the weight loss, and it gets your energy going. Everyone loves it! Plexus Block is much more new! Plexus Block stops your body from absorbing up to 48% of sugars and carbs that we consume! That’s cutting it almost in half! Sugars and carbs ‘aint’ exactly good for us!! Both of these products have been extremely helpful to my business, but more importantly, they’re changing lives – people’s heath for the better! Since I disobeyed the rules and listed 2 products, I’ll just leave a link where you can find both products. Just click though the links, and find lots more information or message me here or at: Please don’t be mad at me, findsalesrep!!!
  •   Joann DelCorso BeautiControl, in 2014, the best new product, BTEXTREME,, the product, with triple peptide complex, to eliminate deep in set wrinkles, amazing and results,
  •   Wanda Thomas Titus Steeped tea, has many wonderful teas but I think that the Melon ball Matcha was a wonderful way to get all the amazing benefits and wonderful flavour of drinking matcha, a powered green tea,. With the Melon ball Matcha it is very easy for children and others who have a difficult time enjoying it. Now the taste is very easy to have now just with some added natural fruit! So very healthly for any age! Just google MATCHA and read about what makes this such a powerful dtink with great results that you feel immediately as well as continued benefits of longer term daily drinking of our Melon Ball Matcha. Recipes and catalogue can be found at 

    Add a link and short description to

    your BEST Product of 2014

    in the comments below.