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Jewelry Gifts OVER $50

  Pam Moore  Hi, I’m Pam with Origami Owl. I live in the Western NY area! My favorites for you for Valentine’s Day are all winners! Whether it’s our New Heart Shaped Locket, (with our limited edition back plate) Our Stunning Black Locket with Crystals or Our Gorgeous Bracelet, We have what will knock her socks off! Pick a few charms that tell her story, and you’ve created the perfect Keepsake….Or even one of our Heart Window Plates-a statement on it’s own. For the Holiday I’m offering “Buy 3 charms get one Free” until Feb.5th. But you must order directly through me to get this deal–Not through my website!! My email is and my website is   Here’s my Fanpage!  Have questions?  Let’s connect on my fb page

 Jeanine LaNeve Surprenant  Hi everyone! My name is Jeanine Surprenant and I’m an Independent Founding Designer with Mialisia jewelry! We have beautiful VersaStyle pieces that are changing the way women wear jewelry! Check out my website We have beautiful items for Valentine’s Day including our special Sweethearts Set! Or check out a beautiful piece called Sorrento that can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, belt, in your hair, and many other ways! We also have earrings and rings! Check us out!

Find a GIFT Advisor Pick A Category

Valentines day sneak peekJEWELRY OVER $50


Natural and Organic Products

Weight Loss

Health and Fitness

Fashion and COOL Clothes

Sexy and Romantic

Decretive Valenitie’s Day CANDLES

Personalized Valenitine’s Day Gifts


KITCHEN Essentials 

Wholesome FOODS for the people you LOVE

Beautiful Living Home Decor

HANDBAGS and Pretty Purses


Nails & Make Up


Coffee & Wine

Gifts That Help YOU Build It  Make It  Create It

Bath  Beauty and SPA  

Direct Sales Services and Opportunities

Or you can Click here to Ask Questions and get help from SNEAK PEEK Gift Advisor on Facebook 

Valentine’s Day Edition of the Direct Sales SNEAK PEEK Outlet

You Need a Personal Gift Advisor!  GUY’S you know it’s TRUE, shopping for the women in your life is like doing your own brain surgery – So, we are going to help you get what SHE really wants this year!  We’re reinventing the Shopping Experience for EVERYONE and making it SIMPLE.  

This year, we are going to GIVE YOU the PERFECT shopping experiences for Valentine’s day!  We’ve teamed up with professional PERSONAL Gift Advisers to help you navigate your way to the Direct Sales Gifs she will actually LOVE!!  This is FREE SERVICE.  These reps will help you find some of the most sought after GIFTS that everyone will LOVE.

Forget wasted hours looking for ‘the wrong’ flowers and avoid forced smiles at  jewelry that will NEVER be worn. LET these experienced REPS do the shopping for you!

1) Browse through the Categories.we love direct sales

2) Watch for the Gift Advisors Top 3 Gift Ideas.  These REPS are experienced, they know what everyone will love.

3) Many Gift Advisors will be offering coupons or special offers.  Take advantage.

4) IF YOU NEED HELP… Go directly to the reps website OR contact the Gift Advisor directly.   Most reps have provided their contact info.  Just ask them,  they’ll help you get it done and you’ll never have to go to the flower shop or drug store for wilted flowers or stale candy…   again.

Note:  We will be adding to our list of  GIFT ADVISORS until Valentine’s Day.  So, shop now or later, but remember most items will have to be shipped and over nighting costs more.  So, Let these REPS Help You Get It All Done Now!

Have questions?  Just Ask in the Comments.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Get Your Direct Sales, Network Marketing or Home Party Plan Business Found Everywhere

The TIME is HERE!!! It’s time to Get YOU Found “EVERYWHERE”! is now Pre-Launching the new Everywhere Listings and your invited to take al look! Yup, it’s time! Ready to add your listing and Get Found Everywhere? Of course you are, BUT… what’s Everywhere?

The FindSalesRep Everywhere Local Search Service is designed to get you found “Everywhere” people are searching for your company’s products and services locally. Maybe “Everywhere” is a little ambitious but that’s the idea – we get you found in as many places as possible where people are searching locally. That’s a lot of places!

Because everyone’s needs are different, we offer three levels of service. Click the links below to learn more about each level of service.

FindSalesRep Everywhere – Local Search Blasteverywhere gift

FindSalesRep Everywhere Local Search Blast is a new way for you to grow your business locally by getting your business information “blasted out everywhere” local leads are looking for it. Learn more at

FindSalesRep Everywhere – Elevated Local Search Service

With the FindSalesRep Everywhere Elevated Local Search Service, you get all of the benefits of the Local Search Blast service, plus your information is directly fed to directories, you’ll see listings appear faster, and you’ll be able to view reports! Learn more at

FindSalesRep Everywhere – Premium Local Search Service

With the FindSalesRep Everywhere Premium Local Search Service , you get all of the benefits of the Local Search Blast and Elevated Local Search Service plus we create claimed and optimized profiles for you on top sites including Google+ Local, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo! Local,,, Facebook, and Twitter. Learn more at

These Everywhere Listing really are a big deal. They will get you found not just on our site but on others too. So, more exposure…. much more! Let’s Get You Found! EVERYWHERE!

Fastest Growing Direct Sales Companies

January 2014 provides the Top 100 LIST of  MOST POPULAR

Network Marketing, Home Party and Direct Sales Companies.

Ranked monthly by popularity, our LIST is based on UNBIASED results.

Popularity is determined by the number of  REAL people searching for a specific company.

  1. Origami Owl
  2. Scentsy
  3. Plexus Slim
  4. Amway
  5. Pampered Chef
  6. Tupperware
  7. Thirty One
  8. Avon
  9. Advocare
  10. Norwex
  11. Miche Bag
  12. Arbonne
  13. Saba ACE
  14. Melaleuca
  15. Nerium
  16. Mary Kay
  17. Young Living Essential Oils
  18. Herbalife
  19. Kagen Water
  20. Silpada
  21. Isagenix
  22. ACN
  23. Visalus
  24. Organo Gold
  25. BeautiControlfsr app photo
  26. Pure Romance
  27. Passion Parties
  28. Creative Memories
  29. Nu Skin
  30. Rodan and Fields
  31. MonaVie
  32. Pink  Zebra
  33. Jafra
  34. Zija
  35. Younique
  36. Ambit Energy
  37. Grace Adele
  38. Vemma
  39. Lia Sophia
  40. Ardyss
  41. Tastefully Simple
  42. doTerra
  43. Shaklee
  44. Wildtree
  45. Paparazzi Accessories
  46. Stella and Dot
  47. Dove Chocolate Discoveries
  48. Discovery Toys
  49. Stampin Up
  50. Partylite
  51. Princess House
  52. Youngevity
  53. 5Linx
  54. Amsoil
  55. It Works
  56. Skinny Body Care
  57. Longaberger
  58. Jamberry Nails
  59. Inicial Outfitters
  60. Send Out Cards
  61. Usana
  62. Damsel In Defense
  63. Javita
  64. Seacret Direct
  65. Beach Body
  66. Clever Container
  67. Zurvita
  68. Usborne Books
  69. Slumber Parties
  70. J.R.Watkins Naturals
  71. Karatbars International
  72. Legal Shield
  73. South Hill Designs
  74. Market America
  75. Wake Up Now
  76. Xango
  77. 4Life Research
  78. Unicity
  79. Life Vantage
  80. Initials Inc
  81. Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry
  82. Uppercase Living
  83. Premier Designs
  84. Signature Home Styles
  85. Vault Denim
  86. Close to My Heart
  87. Steeped Tea
  88. Choffy
  89. Gold Canyon
  90. Primerica
  91. in a Pikle
  92. Metagenix
  93. Perfectly Posh
  94. evolv
  95. All Natural Assets
  96. Ava Anderson Non Toxic
  97. Beyond Organic
  98. Cookie Lee Jewelry
  100. Solavie

Now You Can Share More with Your Prospects by Posting Status Updates on Your FindSalesRep Wall

OK… so the coolest thing happened when YOU weren’t looking. Are you a Rep with a Featured Listing on Have you started to add Pictures, Descriptions, and soooooo much more to YOUR FSR WALL?

Yup, now you can keep potential and current customers up to date and increase your chances of getting found in search engines by posting status updates on your FindSalesRep Wall!

What! A Wall? It’s a lot to take in…. but it’s true! Now you can get SOCIAL with customer on their first contact! Show them what you have in stock. Show them before and after photos. Pictures say a thousand words. Now you can share them! You can put it all in your own words too. Tell them about new products, sales, whatever. What do you want to share with the World?

What should you post on your FSR WALL? post on your fsr wall
Here are some ideas:

  • Post about your favorite products.
  • New product images with descriptions of the products benefits, or why you like the product.
  • Updates about your company’s business opportunity and compensation plan.
  • Inspirational quotes and images.
  • Product and Opportunity Videos (use the “Link” button to post YouTube video links).
  • Business Tips for Other Network Marketers
  • Links to any Articles you’ve written, or articles you like.
  • Pictures of you at home parties and events.
  • Pictures of you helping customers.

THEN… if you want to take it to the next level, here’s a great tip. Once you make a post, you can click on the “Permalink” to view just that post. Then, click the Pinterest share button – that way you get exposure on Pinterest and Pinterest also links back to your posting on your FindSalesRep Wall! You can also share the same link on Facebook, etc. This is great because it gives you one place to link to from all of your social networks (so you can post once, and share everywhere  ). You can have fun with your postings, but please keep them family friendly and focused on your products and services.

YOUR FSR WALL is YOURS! Login to your listing at and check you out!!!!

Feedback and Questions Welcome in the comments below. Making Big News with New Everywhere Listings

BIG NEWS!!!! FindSalesRep is Launching something TOALLY NEW!!! We’re launching a brand new service to help you grow your business in a whole new way!
AND… to help introduce you to this NEW service, we’re going to have CONTEST!
CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT-You could WIN one of our NEW packages worth up to $349! Please read more about the service below and then enter the contest at the bottom of the page. Good luck!

Want to GROW your Direct Sales business LOCALLY?everywhere gift

Here at we’ve been helping people grow their Direct Sales businesses for years through Featured Listings, our mobile app, and more – and we’re always looking for new ways to help you grow even faster.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ll soon be launching the FindSalesRep Everywhere Local Search Service (the exact launch date is a surprise, stay tuned). This is the first time that this sort of service is being offered to the Direct Sales/Home Party/Network Marketing community ANYWHERE and we’re very excited to help you achieve more success in your business with this new opportunity! Here’s some more information about what the service is and how it can benefit you:

Why do I need this service?

To put it bluntly, local search is complicated. REALLY complicated. We’ve been helping reps get found locally and nationwide for years, but the local search landscape is always changing and evolving. There are about a dozen top sites and hundreds of other sites and apps, as well as mobile and GPS devices out there and if you’re not listed in as many places as possible you’re missing out. Unfortunately, it seems like it takes a Ph.D. to figure out how to get yourself listed in all of these places. Luckily, we have one of those here at and he, and the rest of our team, have been working tirelessly to bring this service to you so you don’t have to do all that work 

What is the FindSalesRep Everywhere Local Search Service?

The FindSalesRep Everywhere Local Search Service is a service designed to get you found “Everywhere” people are searching for your company’s products and services locally. Maybe “Everywhere” is a little ambitious but that’s the goal – to get you found in as many places as possible where people are searching locally. And, that’s a lot of places. Unlike the online “general” search space, which is largely dominated by Google, people use all kinds of methods to search for local products and businesses, including

Mobile Phones and Specialty Apps
Google Maps and Bing Maps
Online directories like and
GPS devices
Niche local directories
And, of course,

How do I get my Direct Sales business found on many of these sites?

The way it works is there are a few huge databases out there that the search engines, mobile apps, GPS systems, etc pull local business data from. You need to get your business information into these databases, but how can you do that? This is where we at come in with the FindSalesRep Everywhere Local Search Blast Service. You submit your information to us and we do the rest. Once your data is “blasted out there”, it’s used by dozens of sites and apps, including Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo! Local, GPS databases,, Apple Maps, Yelp, etc. Please note that with this service, it can take 60 to 90 days for your information to show up in the various search engines and directories, and there is no “reporting”, although you can always check up on your listings by searching. Bottom line: You’re going to have a serious advantage over other local reps who don’t take advantage of this service!

Want more? Than you are are probably going to ask… How can I get listed more quickly, get listing reports, and get found by more people?

With the FindSalesRep Everywhere Elevated Local Search Service, you’ll get all the benefits of our “Blast” service. In addition, your listing will receive expedited service on top sites, it’ll be submitted to more directories, and you’ll be able to view reports online. On some sites your information will be shown as quickly as a week to thirty days, while other sites will still take up to 60 days to display your information. Your listing information will be submitted to the directories like:
Judy’s Book
And more…

Looking for even MORE? Then you’ll want to know… How can I stand out and ensure I’m found on most of the top sites?

Blasting your information out and getting into more directories is great, but if you’re really serious about getting found, you should take it to the next level with the FindSalesRep Everywhere Premium Local Search Service. There’s more to a great local search marketing campaign than just getting your information out there. To really stand out, you need to claim your listings on the major sites, including Google+ Local, Yahoo! Local, Yelp, and Bing. And, it really helps if you have social profiles and accounts from Facebook and Twitter to help you get found. You can do all of this yourself but you’ll have a lot of learning to do, and mistakes to make.

Did all that just sound like a different language? lol What if you could have someone do all of this for you? The FindSalesRep Everywhere Premium Local Search Service is a “white glove” service so we make it as easy for you as possible. Experienced local search professionals create and optimize your online profiles and locally-focused social media accounts and help make sure these accounts get verified.

We highly recommend the FindSalesRep Everywhere Premium Local Search Service because it will significantly boost your local exposure and save you tons of time (8 or more hours … many more if you’re not already a great online marketer).

What will it cost?

We are still finalizing everything about this service prior to the official launch, but the prices as of now are

Blast Service: $99
Elevated Service: $199
Premium Service: $349

How do I win a FREE Blast, Enhanced or Enhanced Plus Service Package?

Enter the FindSalesRep Everywhere Local Search Service Launch Contest to win a 100% free FindSalesRep Everywhere Service Package! We’re giving away one of each of these awesome service packages. Just enter at and claim one entry into the contest.

Want to Increase Your Chances of Winning? Just Share :^)

When you enter the contest, you’ll get a “sharing” link that’s 100% yours. Just share this link wherever you want – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Email, wherever. When a friend clicks your link and joins the contest, they get one entry, and you get TEN more entries into the contest! You can earn an unlimited number of extra entries into the contest this way (all entries must be valid, let’s all play fair  ). Every entry increases your chances of winning.

These new services are totally new to the Direct Sales Community. Soon everybody will want them. You’ll see! This is going to be sooooo cool!

*MORE INFO: ‘Everywhere’ is meant to indicate your business will be found in many places online, but we of course can’t guarantee it’ll be found literally everywhere. Note that the specifics of the services described on this page are subject to change since it’s in pre-release.

STEP 1: Enter at