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3 Things You should TRY to do Everyday to build YOUR Direct Sales Business

  • Jennifer Butterfield Post positive statuses about my company! Contact people that I think would be interested/have shown interest. And, organize my stuff!!!
  • Polly Workinger Help others build theirs!!! Share positivity, and advertise–I make sure to post one ad a day, regardless, somewhere.
  • Morgan Lady Advertise, training & try to have a deal. I sell for 5 companies so its constant for me but I wouldn’t know what to do without all of them!
  • Dionne Myers Tuplin I don’t try – that’s a reason to give me an out and NOT do it. This is a part of my everyday life – like breathing. Add at least one name to my contact list. Make at least one approach to introduce someone new to our company and participate in trainings to perfect my skills and craft.
  • Cheryl Lamb What I do! Call 10 people every morning. Review client orders and always make a post on Facebook to advertise or a quote!

  • Check in on team, help and encourage them, and go out and talk to people!! Everyone is a potential customer or distributor! smile
  • Francisca Kear 1: Have a positive attitude; 2: Say my Affirmation; 3: Connect with my team and up-line for brain storm and ideas.
  • Polly Workinger The one thing I don’t do is actively prospect, because people are not “prospects” in my opinion. They are people with which to share a great opportunity, but it’s more for them, not me. I’m just here to help them reach that goal smile Have a great day!
  • Dionne Myers Tuplin I agree, Polly. You have a great day as well smile
  • Tiffany Hathorn Networking online. Getting my business out there to potential clients. Following up with people.

    Have 3 Tips that help you build your business everyday?  Share them in the comments below:

Dream Achievers Set Goals

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals is the first step toward business success. Goals that are specific, measurable, agreeable (you agree to give it all you got), realistic and timely is SMART!Have you set YOUR goals yet? Share them in the comments below. Just putting them in print and sharing them with someone else will make all the difference in whether or not you achieve them.
A few words about Goal Setting: Do you have goals for your business? Setting goals and determining rewards for reaching benchmarks will make a big difference in your business. Best Practice is to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals:
Specific: A specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal. to set a specific gaol, first figure out your what, why, where, when, who.
WHAT is the goal?  Example:  To acheive  to next reconition rank for my company.  Need 6 new business builders.
WHY do you want to reach this goal?  Example: To make enough extra cash to pay for Christmas.
WHERE do you have to go to make this goal happen?  Example: Tables at expos, home parties, canvasing business, etc.
WHEN fill you have to do the work to make this dram come true. Example:  Nov. 1st – Jan. 1st
WHO will help you?  Example:  Will need to help 6 business partners grow their business by bringing in 4 new business builders each.
Another EXAMPLE:  A general goal would be, “Get in shape.” But a specific goal would say, “Join a gym and workout 3 days per week. Lose 10 pounds by Jan. 1st.”
Measurable –  Determine ways of measuring progress toward the attainment of each goal you set. Measuring your progress will help you stay on track, reach your target dates, and experience the exhilaration of achievement that spurs you on to continued effort required to reach your goal. To decide if your goal is measurable, ask questions like How much? How many? How will know?
Agreeable– Set goals that jive with your beliefs.  Your goals should closely related to those things that are most important to you.  You have to be able to agree to making them come true.  When thy are VERY important to you, you will be encouraged to figure out ways you can make them come true. You looks for ways to  improve your  attitude, abilities, skills, and chances of reach them. You will feel more secure taking risks, because as the saying goes, “You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.” You begin seeing previously overlooked opportunities to bring yourself closer to the achievement of your goals. Goals once seemed far away and out of reach, eventually move closer and become attainable, not because your goals shrink, but because you grow and expand to match them. When you list your goals you build your self-image. You see yourself as worthy of these goals, and develop the traits and personality that allow you to go after them.
Realistic– Realistic means, it can be done.  You are the only one who can decide if a goal is realistic, but be careful.  Goals can be set too high and too low.  Decide what you can actually achieve and readjust when you progress pass an originally set goal.  Look for others that have already accomplished what you want and model their behavior.
Timely – A goal is dream with a deadline!  Set a time frame and get to work.  Decide how long it will take and your unconscious mind will feel the urgency and  will begin pushing you towards that goal.

Remember, all the talk in the world will get you NO where with out action.  Actions really do speak louder than words and action moves mountains. Who do you think will move this mountain? 

It is action and action alone that will determine your ability to go after and reach your goals.   All you wishes and hopes will  remain dreams existing only in your thoughts instead of being made into a reality  until you do something about them.  Making an action plan of how you will be able to achieve them is the first step.  Following the plan is the second step.  Whether you fail or succeed depends on your willingness to follow through and complete each step.


If you don’t have GOALS, get out of the way and make room for someone that does.  Success does not happen by accident while your waiting for something to happen.  Dream achievers Make their Dreams come true by  taking action.  They know what they want.  They know what the goals will be every step of the way and they set out to achieve them!

What Kind of Network Marketer Are You

Network Marketers come in come many different flavors.  They do the business a million different ways.  

Some are gooey sweet and seem to attract new customers with just a smile and a compliment.  Others are more complex.  They have an air of expertise and prospects seem mesmerized by their facts.

But who REALLY makes it and who Doesn’t?

Rep #1 The Old School Rep:  This Rep believes solely in ‘belly to belly’ Networking.  They want to meet up with you in person, look you in the eye and shake your hand. They subscribe to idea that and if you do the business any other way, you’ll fail and they will let you know you’ve ‘got it all wrong’.

Rep #2  The New School Rep:  This Rep believes that if you are not dominating online, you are NOT in business.  They talk SEO language, they live on coffee, google and youtube, they write articles, apps and blog posts and they get social all over twitter, fb and linkedin.

Rep #3  The Ignorance on Fire Rep:  This rep is just getting started.  They just had amazing results quickly with the business or the products and they are ‘taring it up’.  They can’t NOT tell you about their journey and they honestly want you to reach your dreams.  They’ve got the key and they are going to give it to you.  Even if you don’t want it.

Rep #4  The Know It ALL Product Rep:  This Rep is a professional or they were at one time.  They have an expertise that complements the products offered by the company.  They know it all and they will give you all the facts.  They will let clients know the whys and the hows of anything product related.  They are confident and give credibility.

Rep #5  The Know It ALL Business Rep:  This Rep is a salesman and they are not afraid of the title.  They are competitive and they have had some success before.  They have been in DS for a while or they have marketing something else. They are good on the phone, they know what Closing means and how to do it.  They are like tigers, good at attracting, waiting for and catching prey. I mean prospects.  😉

Rep #6  The ALL Talk Rep:  This Rep gets in touch with their upline right away.  They look for places and events to show off what they are capable of.  They talk a lot with the team.  The ‘plug in’ regularly and never miss a call, party or training.

Rep #7  The Part TIme Rep:  This Rep has a real JOB.  They LOVE the products and or opportunity and fit as much as they can in to what little time they’ve got.

Rep #8  The Never Give Up Rep: This Rep may be knew or they may have been on your team for years.  They are always willing to try something you suggest.  They follow directions and do it with a smile.

Rep #9  The A Team Rep:  This Rep does NOT need you!  Watch what they do, learn and try to follow.  They know how to get things done!

Rep #10  The B Team Rep: This Rep is taking their time to learn what success really takes.  They will make very few mistakes, but getting them to take action will be a full time job for you.

Rep #11  The C Team Rep:  This Rep is on again off again.  When they are on run with them.  They may out pace you for a while, but the more support they get the longer they will run.

Rep #12  The I Think I’ll Try This Rep:  This Rep is NEW.  So new, that they may not have even joined your team yet.  They have questions and want to learn.  Their attitude is great and they are like sponge that just needs to be pointed in the right direction to ‘clean up’.

Step 1:  Identify yourself.  What kind of Rep are you?  You will need to know if you want to be successful.

Step 2:  Identify your business partners.  What kind of reps do you have to work with?  You’ll need to know if you want to help them grow.

Step 3:  Decide what kind of reps you want to work with.  You will need to know what they are like if you want to attract them.

Step 4:  Believe!  ALL of these Reps have what it takes to become successful.  There are stories from every company that glorify each one of these reps.  So, NEVER Give Up on any of them or think that they can’t make it.  Reps just like them HAVE and WILL.

Step 5: Know how to help!  

Help for Reps:

#1 Let them mingle.  Find Places for them to ‘meet up’.  Host events for them.  Give them every opportunity to Network.  They should have a goal of 20+ contacts a week. 10 new from canvasing, 5 from cold calls, 5 from warm market.

#2 They are gang buster recruiters.  Support them or train them how to work with and mange their team.  They will need all the help they can get.

#3 Get them in front of a crowd.  Set them up at tables, fairs, host parties for them and find any speaking engagement where they can give their testimonial and then, when they slow down, train them.  They will become your A and B Team Reps.

#4 Have them on speed dial for others like them and try to ignite a fire and get them interested in the business. They need instant gratification.  Ask them to speak at big events and feed their ego.

#5 Have them on speed dial for others like them and try to get them hooked on the products. They need instant gratification too.  So, get them paid asap.  Ask them to speak at big events and feed their ego.

#6  Give them a team cheer leader -ship position and they will never leave your side.  Have them host a call or weekly meeting.  They need to be in a support the team role. OR they WILL waste all of your time.  You decide.

#7 Inspire them to be more. Always look for ways to get them involved. Celebrate their accomplishments. Gifts and prizes are good! Feed them success stories and show them people that have gone risked it, gone full time and made it.

#8  Introduce them to an A Team Rep.  Get them Mentored.  They might as well know now who they CAN become.

#9 Give the A Team Rep anything and everything they ask you for.  PERIOD!

#10 Give the B Team Rep your support.  You will work closer with them then anyone else on your team.  Mentor them for 3 months and then see if the can fly.  If they are ready, partner them with an A Team Rep. They will continue to learn while ridding on the A Team’s coat tails.

#11 Give the C Team Rep time, space and a smile.  Give them what they ask for and hook then up with a B Team Rep that has been around for a while and can help to educate, motivate and encourage them.

#12 Work with this Rep Closely.  Be in contact with them daily and help them figure our what Rep Role they want to step in to.

Get to work!  


It’s got the word WORK right in the name.  

If you are not ready to work – you are NOT on the list!





Most Popular Direct Sales Products of 2012

Looking for a place to Share Your Favorite DIRECT SALES Products? 


Are you looking for the BEST and MOST POPULAR  Direct Sales Products? 

We want to help!  We want to talk about YOUR Favorite Things too- YOUR Products! What’s your favorite? We asked Reps to Share some info and links if possible.

Photo: Looking for a place to Share Your Favorite Products? 
We want to help! Today, we want to talk about YOUR Favorite Things too- YOUR Products! What's your favorite? Can you share a picture? Got a link? 
Think talking about your products on fb won't help build your business? WRONG!!! Especially in a community where everyone is already in DS. They ALREADY 'Get It'! If you have a compelling "THING" you might just attract your next Best Business Builder!!!! So, What's YOUR "Thing"?
  • Elizabeth Oswald I am totally in love with Shakeology. It helps me with having more energy and tastes super great you would never know it was so healthy for you. It makes a great supplement for me and I don’t have to remember to take a crap load of pills! Check it out or visit me on my fb page and ask for more info
  • Sharon Martin I love It Works! The wraps really helped me get rid of the cellulite on my upper arms & I’ve met many new friends after I became a distributor. My website is & my FB page is Fabulous Results.
  • Tammy Brydon-Hudgin I love BLING!!! My FAV is big rings with lots of glitz lol….check out what I can offer you at
  • Rhonda Bauer Vance Paparazzi Accessories is the next big thing! It’s a newer direct sales company and it is growing fast. We get 45% commission right when the product is sold. And the best part is that everything is $5. People love our jewelry and love that they can afford it! You can join my team today for as low as $40. Email me at if you would like more info!
  • Tiffany Williams I love Tupperware! My favorite item would have to be the Microwave Stack Cooker. You can make a full meal in this in the microwave in just 30 mins or less and comes out terrific everytime. It is perfect for the busy household as well. You can also make cakes in it! I love this product! My personal page is and my fan page is
  • April Rottmann We Norwex our lives in my household. I can’t just pick one Norwex product I love. A great start for the newbies? What we call the Basic Pack. This is two cloths. 1) Enviro Cloth. This cloth cleans all over your home (inside & out), vehicle, work, windows, etc. with PLAIN WATER! 2) Polish Cloth. This cloth dries windows, mirrors, stainless steel, dark appliances, etc. to a STREAK-FREE shine! No more paper towels! No more lint! Our microfiber has liquid-infused silver in it. Silver does not let bacteria bind & grow. Simply rince it away! 99.99% of bacteria dies on our cloths! AND, we have cloths designed for your body, too! You guessed it–use with PLAIN WATER! smile
  • Vault Denim / Wanda Drier I love Vault Denim! We have a large selection of designer and bling jeans at up to 50% off of retail prices. Vault Denim can help you feel stylish in designer jeans on almost any budget. Use party code 188488
  • Tammy Dayton Our October Damsel in Defense special. 2 Door Alarms, a purple hard core pepper spray and arm band for $30. A portion of the proceeds will go to RAINN: The nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. One of “America’s 100 Best Charities” -Worth magazine.
  • Rachel Kelders I love all of the Vemma products. In the afternoon my favorite is our healthy energy drink Verve but once the Vemma Chris Powell Bode shake launches next month I might have a new fave! Lol smile
  • Jeff Ezell I am a VEMMA fan for sure. Verve is a healthy alternative for energy drinks and the current momentum is huge. 

    Check out a quick video@
  • Heather Nickless I am completely in love with everything It Works offers. The products have changed my life. I am in smaller pant sizes, feel healthier and have more energy. The wraps are incredible and I am so happy that I can help people change things they don’t like about their body so they feel more confident.
  • Laura Somers Votre Vu offers luxurious, professional grade skin and body care products that are a fraction of comparable quality products found in department stores. In addition we just introduced our new color line called French Accents. Make up that not only makes you look good but is good for your skin. For each color product purchased we donate $1 to pediatric cancer research!
  • Tenya Woods Tallon I have to truly love and believe in a product. It has to be something I want to use everyday. It has to be a good value for the price. I have two companies that fit that bill: Jamberry Nails — and Grace Adele —
  • John E Walker I love the fact that I can build a residual income on essential home & business services. I save people money on bills they are already paying, I get paid to be my own customer. When was the last time your Natural Gas, Electricity or Internet provider paid you? You owe it to yourself to check this out !
  • Theo Magazi i love every single things about my products and i believe in them because they truely work,if you interested in know more about them,take look on this site
  • John E Walker I really love this product M-Games exclusive to Momentis. You know about Netflix, but this is with Video Games! When my child plays video games I now get paid!
    What’s your FAVORITE Direct Sales Product?  
    Think talking about your products on the internet won’t help build your business?  WRONG!!!
    Especially on a poplar Direct sales BLOG where everyone is already in DS. They ALREADY ‘Get It’!
    If you have a compelling “THING” you might just attract your next Best Business Builder!!!!
    So, What’s YOUR “Thing”?

Direct Sales Reps Say I DID IT!

What’s your “I didn’t think I cound do that, but I Did! Story?


  Torreh Pearl UppercaseLiving Demonstrator It took a long time, but I just promoted to Director with my company.

 Rhonda Sievers To lose the weight that I did!

 Laura Ciucci Preston I didn’t think I could ever earn my first free trip!! But I did!

 Giorgianna Michelle Goudas I am literally working on creating one now….but mine is not business related. It is physical/emotional.. If I accomplish it.. If I live through it.. I will tell u. 🙂

 Sherica Douglas I never thought I could talk to complete strangers about my business but I did!

Let’s hear about your  “I DID IT”   story in the comments:

That NO Way Moment in Direct Sales

Do you have a “NO WAY” story?  We want to hear it!
This is your chance to share your “NO WAY” story with thousands of Networkers that already understand Direct Sales!
Here are just a few examples:
“I could not believe it when I learned about the company COMP PLAN. My company actually pays… when you …”
“I went to the vitamin store to find the same product my company offers and they don’t have anything like it!”
“I lost …!  I never thought I could do that!”
“I have $5000 in beautiful jewelry and I didn’t have to pay a dime for it!”

What’s YOUR “NO WAY” Story?

Photo: It's "NO WAY" Wednesday at! This is your chance to share your "NO WAY" story with 1,338 people that already understand DS!  Here are just a few examples:  "I could not believe it when I learned about the company COMP PLAN. My company actually pays...  when you ...", "I went to the vitamin store to find the same product my company offers and they don't have anything like it!", "I lost ... in ...!", "I have $5000 in beautiful jewelry and I didn't have to pay a dime for it!"

What's YOUR "NO WAY" Story?
Share your story in the comment section below.  
  Polly Workinger I started Miche three years ago and there hasn’t been ONE MONTH that I haven’t made sales and exceeded my goals 🙂
 Hallie Freedman I lost a pant size in my first 4 days drink a shake that tastes like cake, hit the first rank and also earned my monthly product ($300 value) FREE in 6 days, earned my BMW in 42 days and replaced my day job income as a Speech Pathologist in 5 MONTHS! BAM…best. comp. plan. EVER!
 Jennifer Harding I came across Paparazzi by accident and I AM SO GLAD I DID! It has changed my life! Meeting great people and selling jewelry and hair accessories at AN AMAZING PRICE THAT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD! I MAKE 45% CASH IN MY POCKET RIGHT THEN AND THERE WITH EVERY PIECE I SELL! 🙂
 Tanya Brewster I tried this CRAZY wrap thing a month ago . Most of my stretch marks dissappeared and i lost 3 lbs! Next month I qualify for a $10,0000 bonus plus featured in Success From Home magazine!
 Heather Rhoads I’m on my way to qualifying for an all expense paid trip to HAWAII just for doing something I LOVE!!! Can’t wait for my husband and I to be in Hawaii without having to pay for it!
 Nakoma Pishko My husband found this amazing innovative product with Demarle at Home, I decided to become a consultant over a year ago and it has changed our lives. Not only do I make good money. And make a better life for my family I am able to help others as well. My business has given me so much and I love it. Amazing!!
 Keri Racicot Bresaw I had used proactiv in high school and college and it totally transformed my skin- when I ever learned that Rodan and Fields were the doctors and that I would have an opportunity to be one of the first independent consultants for them in my state, I knew that the products worked amazingly well, and that NOT taking this opportunity would be the missed opportunity of a lifetime! that’s my “No Way” moment!
 Dawn Wolfe I say amazing before and after photos on FB of people who had been using NeriumAD. I googled to find out more about the product and company as I wanted to buy a bottle. When I saw … that Jeff Olson had started the company 11 months ago. I said OMG no way!!! A ground floor opportunity with a product that really works. I’m in! That was 2 months ago and I just earned an IPAD 2 and am up for a Lexus Car bonus this month. I have been in MLM for over 20 yrs and have NEVER had my downline duplicate and grow so fast. At this rate by the end of the middle of next week I will have over 100 team members in my downline. I have prayed for a company like this since I first learned of the business model back in the early 90’s. My prayers have been answered. I am soooo grateful 🙂
 Leslie Rhoads I made director within 5 months with my company. Looking at a double digit paycheck before the coma this month. Both my Hubby and I are ale to be home with our kids FULL time. I love Origami Owl.

Advice How to Pick the Right MLM Network Marketing or Direct Sales Company

Do You Agree?


What MLM company (network marketing) comes highly recommended in your opinion for someone seeking a stable organization to begin a venture with?

FindSalesRep Answer:

I love that question. There are a bunch. For new reps, usually, I would go with the most popular. It’s easier to get people to go with things that they already know, trust and are looking for. The oldies are ALWAYS GOODIES. Amway, Avon, Mary Kay Tupperware. 

But there are also a few younger companies that EVERYONE seems to love Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Isagenix, Silpada, Visalus.

Really New or reinvented companies are a little harder and usually I would stay away unless you personally know the owner but Jamberry nails and It Works seem to be on fire. They may be the break through companies that stay around for a while. 

All that being said, go with what you love or at least with what interests you. If you are successful, you could be with that company for a very long time so you better like talking about it. 🙂

Reps Responses:

 Jessica Louviere Clements I think that Plexus is a good one to get involved in. It is a pretty young company, but it is growing like wild fire and now is a really great time to get involved! Message me if your interested! Plexus Slim – Youngsville

 Deborah Blackman ACN is an amazing company. It’s going on it 20th year. The company provides residual and bonus to its business owners. It’s was featured twice on the celebrity apprentice and donald trump endorsed the company. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed

 Christine Slaughter I love my Tastefully Simple business — it has been around for such a long time and has a proven track record! Everybody eats!

 Nancy Kumpulainen Arbonne is a great choice for those passionate about health and wellness. The only company right now over 30 yrs old about to globalize! = global opportunity!

 Tiffany Hathorn yay for the ItWorks shoutout! Love it! 😀

 Coretta Campbell Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry has been around for about seven years Our CEO is on the Board of the DSA (Direct Selling Association). We currently have about 11,500 consultants across the U.S. and are growing I love my business

 Laura R Miller I do not agree! I think it’s better to go with a company/product that you can stand behind yourself. I choose Dove chocolate discoveries because I & everyone I know loves chocolate. Yes, it has a huge parent company (MARS) and lots of other great things but I could never promote or sell a product I don’t use on a daily bases myself.

 Kim Newsom I do not agree…just because a company is on fire does not mean it will stand the test of time (no offense to those listed). I think the companies who have been around a few years (and I’m not just talking about Tupperware but rather over the 5 year mark companies) are more reliable then the new companies….just my opinion.

 Renee Thompson I agree with Nancy Kumpulainen and Tiffany Hathron … I am presently doing both Arbonne and It Works and Love them both …

  Teri Kincaid I agree with Laura. Also you need to look at some of those companies that have been around for awhile 80% of their commission is paid to reps who started with them in the first 5 years. Why not join a younger company who has growth like Dove Chocolate Discoveries or Miche that have a great product and proven growth. Three things to look for according to Corbin Church Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the year, Markets to women between the ages of 18-65 has continuity (can be repurchased, over and over. No one time sales) and is unique. With Miche you get them all just like with some of the other company’s. Jamberry Nails and ViSalus as mentioned. For me it’s Miche all the way! You have have have to love the product.

 LaKesha Gaines I love Princess House It’s been around going in 50 years and have wonderful products. I started out just buying now I’m a consultant who loves what she does and enhancing people’s homes and lives.

 Faythe Rippeon Loven’ my solavei…yes. its New…but the cell phone industry is not…

 Laura R Miller HAHA! I knew Teri Kincaid we were friends for a reason! Great minds do think alike!

 Joann Riddle Wagoner Any company can fail at any time. Don’t discount startup companies with great leadership and a product in the best selling market. ….

  Nicole R Royal I have been in the networking marketing/direct sales industry for 22 years. I belong to a couple, ok 3, companies and I love each of them. I think starting with a company has to begin with what are your goals and reasons for doing so. My biggest advice depends on what you are looking to do. If you are looking for your way out of a traditional job and financial freedom then you have to look into the comp plan and what is expected of you in getting the best out of that comp plan. Then are YOU willing to do it! Rising stars sometimes fall and others remain shining bright for years to come. Look at what you, your friends, and others around you do and buy on a regular basis. Are these things you continue to buy no matter what and can’t live without.  My 3 companies 1. Scentsy – I have one in each and every room, including the garage, so why not get paid on what I use anyway. 2. Organo Gold – I personally am not a coffee drinker, but when I count 78 people in one hour drinking some coffee product out of 100 passing me and the culture that Starbuck’s has created, then I see nothing but awesome residual income!! Thanks to OG I left my job almost 1 year ago to the day!!! 3. Solavei – I really only got into this for the reduced savings on my mobile service as it cut my current service bill in half. I want to make and save money and not spend more than I have to and these days, you HAVE to have a mobile device.

 Rachel Travis Lia Sophia Jewelry has been in business for over 40 years, previously called Lady Remington. With our 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee on ALL jewelry, Amazing Hostess Program, MOST EXPENSIVE PIECES 50% OFF SALES, 30-40% personal commission, 10% commission on your team, and #1 Home Jewelry Company in the country….we will be around for years to come!

 Tiffany Black Celadon road. It’s a new Eco friendly company that uses no chemicals in any of their products and uses fair trade companies. They also give back by donating to soles4souls and trees for the future inc. they are also a debt free company.

 Shannun Terry   Solavei is growing so fast, and who doesn’t want to cut their cell phone bill in half? Unlimited 4g voice text and data, I’m in! Shannun Terry

 Faythe Rippeon My thought is, if its a good product and the leadership at the top are strong and supportive, then the company is going to do well, regardless of how old it is.

 Joy Lewis While I could take this opportunity to plug my direct sales company…I will say this instead…no matter the product as a person trying to decide on what company to work worth, if toy have a passion for the product and the desire to succeed…then you will. If you that the product will carry itself…then you are doomed to fail. You have to believe in your product and be willing to work for success. I love my product…and I’m VERY successful!

Joyce Hartley Valley I have been affiliated with 4 direct sales companies (1 of them on 2 different occasions) during the past 15 years and by far, the one in which I have earned the most money, the earliest is Votre Vu, offering skin/beauty products (including Snapdragon as featured on Dr. Oz last year). It’s my first time working under a binary comp plan and it works…plus, the products are French made, natural, affordable, botanical and really work. I signed with Votre Vu on May 25th and became a Director the 3rd week of June. The company came to the US as a soft launch in 2008; just introduced a color line, French Accents in June, 2012 and growing by leaps and bounds. Would love to have you join my growing team, no matter where you live in the US:) All of our products offer a full 45 day refund!

 Sandi Perkins Maylett I have to disagree. Why would you want to get into a company that has a consultant on every corner (Scentsy, Mary Kay, etc)? Other than for personal use. I think it would be so hard to build a team when everyone know someone who sells it…  I wanted a company that was new yet backed by founders with many years in DS. Which is why I joined Perfectly Posh

 Faythe Rippeon Lots of great reading here! Great post ms Kim!

 Danielle Webb I say do what feels right to you. Get as much info on the company before you join. I chose It Works because i like what they have to offer and they have made it bigger in the months that i have been with them. I don’t see them failing with the high demand they have for our products. Plus i like the extra income i get begin a stay at home mom 🙂 also i don’t “have” to leave the house to make the business work for me, with young ones i don’t have to worry about getting them ready to go out.

 Monica Weeks Jewel Kade has been a party plan company for 3 years and has had continued growth. The jewelry is gorgeous vintage style, made in America, inspirational and personal. It has instant wow factor and it only takes a connection to one special piece to completely charm you! The hostess rewards are very good as well as the stylist compensation. The company is extremely supportive of its Stylists with regular training that is easily accessible.

 Michele Freeman I love Discovery Toys!! I was first introduced to Discovery Toys at my sons speech therapy appointment. When I told my Mom, she pulled out games that she had bought when we were younger. Almost 20 years later still in perfect condition.The toys come with a lifetime guarantee and replacement parts are available for lost pieces. Toys meet or exceed safety guidlines, I just had to join!! Of course, Oct-Dec are the busiest time for us, but every month children have birthdays, and Daycares love the guarantee. I am looking for people to join my team!

 Wanda Thomas Titus This has been great reading looking for a company that has plans to start up in Canada especially after the company has proved itself in the US . I am involved with Miche Canada for 5 plus years but we do not build teams at this point- we have no up or down line- may change in the future- also I have used and b ought into a card company mainly for marketing my business but looking at selling and getting the benefits to others- Send out Cards- and one company that I was very excited about recently has changed its business model from DS so unsure as to how I will continue or not.

  Susan Scantlen Shoup You are right – It Works! is on fire however they are 11 years old AND Debt free! I love and use their products daily. There is still room at the top for You!

 Debbie Ward I am with Mia Bella they are totally debt free!!! I am also with Wildtree and Watkins… Wildtree is a newer company than the other 2 but offer great products! and Watkins well now they’ve been around since 1868 and still going strong!

 Joann Riddle Wagoner Free inventory to drive your business, lucrative compensation plan, free iPad with fast start, lexus bonus at director level, product that cannot be replicated, “sticky” product, product that is in the largest market space (dermal) and so much more…

 Organic Vitamins and Supplements – Skin Care – Makeup – Sharp Enterprises Amway is the leader, they have been in Canada 50 years now. They have a site that answers questions with facts not ideas. For more info on being a part of this great team contact me.

 Rachel Lewis I’m with Origami Owl! LOVE this company!! 14 year old Bella was encouraged by her parents to start a business to make earn money for a car on her 16th birthday so she came up with the idea of Living Lockets – magnetic lockets that hold charms that describe the person wearing it – jewelry that tells your unique story and are treasured!! I love this company and the fact that they allow 14 year olds to join with parental consent! We have several mother/daughter teams!! What a wonderful way to help your daughter learn what it’s like to own their own business years before they start college – by that time, they could be paying for their own college! It’s a wonderful ground floor company!!

  Janie McCown Mertz OH wow you can’t leave our our Awesome MONAVIE. We are making a millionnaire every week. 170 already. I am hiring if anyone is looking for the best company in the world and for the world. Our antioxidant juices are awesome and energy drinks that are good for you.

 Cavell McInnes 27 yrs for the company Im with and over a billion in sales. Message me to find out more.

 Nichole Antomattei I’ve been on both sides… I was with a company that has been around for over 30 years and was successful, the only problem there was that because it’s well known, a lot of people had a direct contact already. Now I”m with the very new  Origami Owl ~ Nichole Antomattei ~ Independent Designer because I fell in love with the product and concept and I have a blank canvas to paint with my business, I feel in complete control of where I will take this. But most importantly for me, no matter if it’s an old or new company, if you’re passionate about your business/product, you can be as successful as you want to be!

 Cindy Schulman Entin Can’t say enough good things about Stella & Dot! Been around long enough that all the new biz kinks are worked out and the brand is very established in the fashion industry, but still small enough that there’s huge growth potential and not everyone and their sister is a Stylist! : ) Just expanded to Canada, UK and Germany, too! Fabulous jewelry, but truely my favorite part about the company is that they sincerely have their Stylists needs and best interests at heart! They ask for our feedback and actually listen to it, too! Feel free to PM me, if any one has any questions or check out my site to see all of the fabulous sign-up specials and Breast Cancer Awareness Collection that launched today:

 Avery L Guenther I hear a few say that scentsy has so many consultants. Not true. Still a very fresh company with a lot of room to grow!! Especially with velata launching and grace Adele!! I think grace Adele is going to go crazy as soon as it catches on. Imagine being on the ground floor ! With the backing of an already great company. I have sold with Tupperware, home interiors, longaberger (my best before Scentsy), Amway, Avon & tried henn. Yah I know. Crazy. But Scentsy is what I will pass on to my kids!! They are amazing in every way!

 Natalie Karen Boecker Check the company track record of growth, their awards, understand the comp. plan, ask for a list of success factors, go for one that provides reliable residual income, and manufactures consumable products that people use every day.

 Mark Ritter I agree with Natalie. Most importantly go with a company that doesn’t make it’s money off of recruiting new people. That has real products that real people buy. And one that doesn’t require a big investment up front or requires you to buy inventory and sell it. Most people lose money in those situations.