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Spring Cleaning For Your Buisness

spring cleaning businessIf you’re ready to get motivated, improve your home business success, and boost your family income, it’s time to spring clean your business!

One hard push over a weekend does not make a sustainable business, but a good bout of spring cleaning can help you kick off a healthy business that will last for months and even years to come!

Step 1: Get Your Mind Right

What’s your overall goal? And…  more importantly, WHY are you going to work at this every day to meet your goal? Just striving for  a certain number in your bank account won’t inspire you to greatness, but if reaching that number means you can achieve a lifelong goal,  gain more freedom or have richer family life, you’re a lot more likely to keep doing the work that it will take to get there. Once you’ve figured out your “why,” make sure you keep it front of mind. A vision board is a great way to positively inspire yourself to achieve your personal breakthrough. It can be a dry erase board, a cork board, or a piece of poster board—just make sure it’s visible and tangible. Put inspiring quotes, photos, and any other images that will keep you focused on taking positive action.

Step 2: Know What You Are Putting In and Getting Out

A healthy business is all about risk AND reward, but financial gurus agree that what you put in to your business accounts for about 75 to 80 percent of your success. That means it’s time to clean out the those efforts that are not producing results and clean up your shopping list. Stopping waisting your time and your money.  What you spend to run your business can not exceed what you earning for very long.  That’s why choosing  the right way’s to promote your business is crucial.  Remember, what you do to promote your business fuels your success!

little to no promotion = little to no success

You wouldn’t fuel an airplane with diesel fuel from a rusty, old gas can and expect it to do its job, right? Give your business the kind of respect and provide it with the fuel it needs to perform at its peak. Make sure you’re getting exposure either face to face at events, fairs and or expos or on social media and don’t forget a healthy amount of advertising. Cut out empty ventures that consistently waste your time and energy. If it has not been profitable or has not grown your business, cut it out and look for other avenues that will lead you to your goals more efficiently.  The more good exposer or fuel you give your business, the more it will crave! Think snow ball effect. logo 2015And what about YOU?  You much be fully committed to achieve full attainment of your goals.  You’ve got to be all in.  If you’re not ready to do a week’s or even month’s worth of business prep every Monday that includes, emails, phone calls, meetings and other forms self promotion and then following it through out the week, you won’t succeed on your own.  That doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  Find a company that offers a complete, quality lead system that’s convenient to use and is affordable. After all, it won’t do you any good wishing and hoping for success if you don’t actually follow through and get in front of an audience. offers many advertising options from Basic to NationWide Listings.  We recommend checking out the NationWide pricing in our Treasure Chest at  That’s where you will find our best offers and you will be able to compare different levels of exposure.  The NationWide listing is a great way to start maximizing your exposure while you build relationships with new customers from all a cross the country.  Listings are available in both the USA and CANADA.

Bonus points if you can get everyone on your team to get on board with what you are doing!

You’ll have moral support and increased chances for accountability!

Step 3: Get Moving

Whether you join the facebook revolution, attend all the wedding expos this spring, or just get out of your chair  to walk around the block and knock on a few businesses doors, making new connections will help you reach your goals. And, as a bonus, being around like minded, excited people it’s a mood-enhancer. The link between human connection and helping others and improved mood is pretty strong.

EXAMPLE: Usually when you smile at someone they smile back.  

Start a conversation and your whole day will change, typically for the better. 

And while different kinds of interactions have different benefits, the best business practice is the one you actually do! They call it practice because it is intended to be done over and over again over time.  Not just in short spurts, erratically, when you are in the mood. So, find ways of connecting with people that are in need or are looking for what you’ve got.  Look for things that fits into your schedule, fulfill you, and that you don’t keep making excuses to cancel.  Find ways of producing prospect that you will actually do and DO them.

Step 4: Articulate and SHARE Your Goals

One of the best ways to reach your goals is to make them SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely). “make more money” or “grow your business” are goals that are too vague. How do you know if you’ve succeeded? Once you’ve identified the specific business goals that you want to achieve, make sure they’re SMART.  Then… it’s time to share them. Though it may be tempting to keep your journey to yourself until you’ve completed it, successful entrepreneurs say you should share early and often.  You’re only keeping them a secret if they are not sincere.

“Research performed by Dr. Gail Matthews, a clinical psychologist,

found that participants who wrote down their goals

achieved significantly more than those who only thought about their goals.

And, those who wrote down action commitments (in addition to their goals)

were even more likely to reach their goals.”

So what are you waiting for? Find a friend, team mate or family member to be your business accountability partner!  Tell them what you want to achieve, when you want to have succeed and how you are planning to do it.  Who knows, they probably will be inspired to join you.

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Does you company offer new products, colors or a catalogue for SPRING

'Does you company offer new products, colors or a catalogue for SPRING?'