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Direct Sales and Party Plan PERSONALIZED Items

  Melissa Lynn Gissing – Personalized Items – Hello I’m Melissa Lynn Gissing, I am with LilyBean & Baxter (available in Canada & USA) we have a variety of itemsfrom jewelry, fashion, bags, wedding items and a variety of items that can be personalized. We also have a clearance section. My favourite items are the beach bag, sun hat and Spirit Lockets. LB&B is an affiliate program, it is FREE to sign up until March 15. I welcome you to check out my person website at , like my facebook page LilyBean & Baxter with Melissa or message me for more details on how to shop or sell.

  Kathy De Lisle  Hi there! I’m Kathy and I’m a Creative Partner with Initials, Inc. We sell stylish, functional and affordable bags and accessories. We offer FREE personalization! My favorite products are the YBL case – $5 of every purchase goes towards funding adoptions; the Signature A-Line Tote, and the Stash & Dash! Follow my website and click SHOP ONLINE. Personalized products are delivered right to your door!


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Best Selling Direct Sales and Home Party Weight Loss Systems and Products

  Bridget Ann McDaniels-Merritt  Hi Everyone!!!  Bridget, here to show you an amazing product line! The low down on this company is incredible, offering one of the best health and wellness product line on the market! It Works Global is a BILLION DOLLAR company and is DEBT FREE to boot! Our products work. Hense the name “It Works!”…  My FAVE products would have to be the Wraps, Fat Fighters, Hair Skin Nails, Thermofit and the Greens!! Everyone is different. If you struggle with low energy, digestive issues, blood pressure issues shoot anything really these products are amazing!! We offer a wholesale price when you enter our Loyal Customer program! That program has so many benefits! Just go to my page –> or  Thank you everyone and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime!!


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Direct Sales Clothing Footwear and Latest Fashions

  Debbie Cater  Hi Everyone! My name is Debbie Cater and I am a independent rep with Llynda More Boots! Our boots are a 2 piece interchangeable boot system that you can style and wear 30 different ways and are made to fit your calf! Ever have a hard time finding boots that fits your calf? well Llynda More Boots solves that problem with our boot tops, Our boot tops come in sizes 12-17 ,just measure your calf and pick your boot top size, now every women can achieve the perfect fitting pair of boots! How cool is that ,nothing else like it on the market! We offer 4 different ankle boot options in black and in Chocolate Brown along with a variety of different boot top designs so you can mix and match for endless possibilities! Our most popular ankle boots are our More Light which is a 2.5 inch heel and our More Love which is a 3.5 inch heel, Some of my favorite boot tops are our , chinchilla, leopard and snakeskin  them! You may shop and look around my site at We are also running a special this month of March on our Black and Brown More Luck ankle boot this is our 1.5 inch heel, purchase a pair of the more luck and a pair of boot tops and get your second pair for FREE! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!


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Direct Sales and Home Party Supplements and Healthy Living Products

  Missy Kreischer Grimes  Supplements and Healthy Living Products……Hi my name is Missy Grimes, my husband Scott and I are with Advocare, we offer premier health and wellness products that offer world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance needs of which many are informed-choice tested. No Worries! In our family Spark is the #1 choice – We call it our happy family juice . We also have a great 24 Day Challenge & for the sports enthusiast we love Rehydrate. Great electrolyte replacement drink! I will provide a free sample of Spark to those who have never tried it! You can contact us at under contact distributor or add me as a friend and we can chat!

  Kristy Fortney  Supplements & Healthy Living Products!  Hi everyone! Kristy here to show you an amazing product line! The low down on this company is incredible, offering one of the best health and wellness product line on the market! It Works Global is a BILLION DOLLAR company and is DEBT FREE to boot! Our products work. Hense the name “It Works!”…  My TOP FAVE products would have to be the Wraps, Fat Fighters and the Greens!! Everyone is different but those are my top 3 and I recommend all three!! If you struggle with low energy, digestive issues, blood pressure issues shoot anything really these products are amazing!! We offer a wholesale price when you enter our Loyal Customer program! That program has so many benefits! I will also offer personally a 15% discount on any Retail orders!! Just go to my page –> and comment that you were sent from this event and you can grab your discount!!  You can browse my shop at –>  Thank you everyone and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime!!

  Melanie Gausz Zwiercan  Supplements and Healthy Living Products – Hi everyone. My name is Melanie Zwiercan and I along with my husband Cliff are distributors for Yoli Better Body Company. If you are ready to reclaim your health and start living, Yoli’s all natural products are for you.  The Yoli Better Body 30-Day Transformation System is a turn key program that helps users lose 7-15 lbs in their first 7 days, helps jump start their metabolism, detoxify their bodies, and gain better health and energy.  The Transformation Kit includes natural products that have been developed to work together to get your body in an optimal state to lose weight.  For the person who is looking to gain optimal health, lose weight quick and safe and detox, I would recommend the Transformation kit for your first month. The kit includes  YES – The Yoli Essential Shake – available in bulk canisters or single-serve packets, in Chocolate or Vanilla flavors  Pure – A powerful blend of probiotics and fiber  Alkalete – Unique mineral hydroxides and electrolytes to alkalize the body  Passion – Metabolism boosting low-calorie energy drink. Available in Berry or Tropical Melon, or in capsule form as Thermo Burn  If I was to only use one product from Yoli, it would be Yoli’s pH neutralizer Alkalete. A build up of acidity in your body contributes to numerous healthy issues and also prohibits weight loss.  I also enjoy Yoli’s sports drink FUN. It is a healthier alternative to Gatorade and Powerade. Fun helps you achieve peak performance and reduced recovery times. It is sugar-free, caffeine-free and just 10 calories per serving  Fun contains 333mg of Alkalete, a patented alkalizing ingredient and also  contains Enduramin, a proprietary electrolyte blend, which promotes faster recovery from physical exertion.  For anyone who purchases a 30 day Transformation Kit, I will send them a free blender bottle.  To learn more about Yoli and their products and also become a preferred customer, you can visit my website at For up to date information and tips, please like my Yoli facebook page  Yoli- The Ultimate Lifestyle System, Cliff and Melanie Zwiercan.

  Life’s Younique-Opportunities  Hi, this is Shari I’m a distributor for Kannaway which is the First Ever Hemp Lifestyle Company with the focus on Nutritional Wellness who’s products contain CBD Rich Hemp Oil.  Do your research on the benefits of CBD, as there are MANY!! For Details on my products go to ID#2649909 for Access  We only have two of our 70 products that have been released so far as we’ve only started yesterday!! Our beauty salve and our hemp vap. You can save $15 on getting the combo set of both products. Sorry, Enrollment as a customer required to purchase products at this time.  ID#2649909 for access. Research CBD and see how it can help you and you particular health concern!

  Kati Mendez  Supplements and Healthy Living Products:  Hi! My name is Kati Mendez and I’m a business advisor for AdvoCare! We offer advanced products that are developed to help you reach and maintain your nutritional goals — losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing energy, improving wellness, enhancing your skin, and more! Most people love starting with Spark for energy, or try a 24 Day Challenge to help you lose inches fast, or the MNS nutritional supplements are a hit with most people to get and keep that metabolism where it needs to be! Feel free to browse my website and contact me if you have any questions! Simply follow this link and click on “shop” to discover the amazing products that AdvoCare offers you!


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Direct sales and Home Party Health and Fitness Products


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Home Party and Direct Sales SPA Bath and Beauty Products

  Tara LaMagna  Spa Bath and Beauty! My name is Tara LaMagna. I’m with Lemongrass Spa Products. We offer 97-100% natural and organic skin care products that are hand made in Colorado. Did you know in the U.S. only one ingredient in a skin care product has to be natural for them to be able to label it “natural” on the front of it? Our products truly are! Not only that but since we don’t have fillers or preservatives the products go a LONG way!  Top 3 Favorites:  1. Healing Elements-Used for dry skin, diaper rash, eczema, psoriasis, dry cracked hands and so much more! Get a family sized jar for $22 that will last you 6 months!  2. Body Polish-This salt/sugar based scrub will get rid of your dry skin and leave your skin moisturized with it’s essential oils! This is our top selling product!  3. Foot Spa Kit- Enjoy 35 foot spas at home! Start with our herbal foot soak, next use our walnut foot scrub to get ride of the dry dead skin and finish by applying our peppermint foot balm! Your feet will feel smooth and smell great! *Receive a FREE lotion when you place an order on my site using the directions below!***To order or browse our online catalog go to  Click Shop Online and choose the Get Found event.

 Raynelle Patterson SPA bath and beauty – Hello, my name is Raynelle Patterson. I am with Lemongrass Spa Products!! Our products are 97-100% all natural and chemical free!! Our company has now been around for 12 years, and we have amazing products, that are so good for your skin, and everything is handmade in Colorado, with the date it was made at the bottom!! We offer everything from an organic baby line, to a men’s line, our Sheer minerals Makeup, a huge variety of different lotions, facial products, body washes, foot soak products and so much more!!  My favorite products are first the body polishes (sugar scrubs). I use it daily in the shower/ bath to exfoliate my skin, and it leaves a nice light oil coating for extra moisture. Also the oils that are left on the skin, are great to use for shaving, and honestly will give you the best shave ever!! Plus its so natural you can taste them!! Another one of my must have products is our Healing Elements Balm. This product has an amazing mixture of chamomile, lavender, calendula and zinc oxide and is used for a variety of different uses, such as diaper rash, any rashes, insect bites, acne, fungus infections, cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns, eczema, and so much more! I call it my miracle in a jar, because I have used it on so many different problems I have had!! Another favorite product of mine is our body sprays. What sets ours apart is that ours does not contain any alcohol, and when you spray it on your skin, will go on like a light lotion! It is great for the summer, because it’s not super thick, and it smells great. No matter which scent you choose!! My favorite use for this product, and keep in mind, I have very thick, frizzy, curly hair. Is a leave in hair conditioner!! It helps smooth my hair, and detangle it, and also helps with the extra fly aways! ****As a special I will be running, on this event only, and if you do order, please let me know that you found me on Find a Sales Rep!! If you spend $50 you will receive a free lip balm of your choice! If you spend $75, you will receive a free bar of soap of your choice. If you spend $100 get a free body spritz of your choice. Anything over $150, and you will receive a free body polish of your choice!!! Also for the month of March, Lemongrass is offering either one of our bronzing butters, which we have Tangerine and Amber Glow. Originally $17, this month only $12!! Also, for the month of March. If you purchase a jar of our Sheer minerals foundation, receive either a blush, or Kabuki brush half off!!  If you are interested in making a purchase or learning more about our products, please feel free to come over and check out my personal fan page or come over to my website  Also you can contact me at!!


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Find Home Party and Direct Sales Nails and Make Up Products

  AnMarie Morrison  Nails and Makeup……Hi, my name is AnMarie Morrison, I am with Younique, we offer the best naturally based makeup in the market. We are known for the 3D Fiber Lashes which are amazing, we also have amazing Pigments and BB Cream. I am offering a free pigment with every 3D Fiber Lashes order. You can contact me at or call or text me at 701-240-1880

 Connie Jahner  Hello My name is Connie Jahner. I am a younique presenter.  Have you heard of the “magic mascara”?   Yup that’s us.  We have gorgeous eye colors and BB cream, moisturizer and more …  I’d love to help you find just the right Younique Products for you.  Take a look at my webpage at Ordering is easy and if you need help or have question just let me know.  You are going to love Younique.

  Amanda Acheson  Hi my name is Amanda Acheson, I am with Jamberry Nails and we offer AMAZING non-toxic nail wraps that last up to 2+ weeks on your fingers and 4+ weeks on your toes!!  My top 3 favorite are Kiss me ombre, white chevron (clear), lil kisses jr!!!  ***Jamberry Special offer*** Buy 3 get 1 FREE  Please feel free to contact me via facebook, Email: or check out my website http://www. over 300 designs to choose from or you can design your own!!

  Andrea YouniquePresenter  – Nails and Makeup  – Hi ! My name is Andrea YouniquePresenter , I am a Younique Presentor, our company sells the most amazing cosmetics and skin care products. We are mostly known for the famous 3D Mascara and Brilliant Moisturizer. For March I am offering a special where you purchase any collection and you get a free mascara with your purchase ! You can order at Hurry and pre order your mascara now !  My three favorite products are : 3D Fiberlash Mascara, Brilliant and Glorious.

 Rachel Myers  My category is Nails and Makeup – Hi! My name is Rachel and I am with Sweet Minerals Makeup. I am in love with this company and the beauty and skin care products they offer. You can save 25% at check out by using coupon code 1402-27202!  If your looking to find an easy routine for those busy mornings you will Love love love the Flawless Face Party Package!!! It contains everything you need to get a beautiful natural look for everyday wear!! I am the mom of two very active kids and I gotta have quick and easy!! Here is a short video that shows you how easy it is to get this look with Sweet Minerals makeup! After you watch the video and see how easy and wonderful this makeup is your going to want to get some right? How would you like to get it for free or 1/2 price? You can host a party and do just that!!! Check out my facebook page for the details on how I can help my hostesses look their best everyday for less!! Don’t live near me? No problem I can mail you samples so you and your friends can find your perfect foundation match and we can have a party right on facebook!! It’s call a virtual party and it is soooo much fun!! Check out my Facebook page and send me a message so we can get started today!


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Home Party and Direct Sales Skin Care Lines

  Lisa Graham Fritsche  Popular SKIN CARE lines ~ Hi, I’m Lisa and I represent Rodan+Fields Dermatologists, the new skin care company founded by the doctors who created Proactiv Solution. Through direct sales, my company allows you to get dermatological skin care without a visit to your Dermatologist. My favorite products are Redefine Multi Purpose Eye Cream, Reverse Dual Active Brightening Complex and the micro needle skin roller (recently shown on “Ellen” and Hallmark Channel’s “Home and Family”). I have an ongoing “special” of reimbursing those who choose to enroll as a Preferred Customer $19.95. Visit my website and use the fun, interactive Solution Tool to get personalized recommendations for your skin.   or like my Facebook page: Lisa’s Rodan + Fields Dermatologists

  Kim Williams Croker  Hello, My name is Kim Croker, I am an Independent Presenter with an awesome new beauty and skincare line, Younique Products. We offer the most innovative new beauty products on the market. They are all naturally-based and cruelty-free!  You may have heard of some of our top-selling items as they are really making a splash in the industry! These are the ones I consider “essentials”:

1. Our 3D Fiber Lash Mascara kit- it is our best-seller by far and is simply the best mascara around. Imagine the volume and length of false lashes, without the glue, mess, and damage to your natural lash…amazing!
2. Our Brilliant Moisturizing cream- it includes ginseng, silver, and crushed pearl powder. It rejuvenates and illuminates your face, but is also working wonders healing eczema, and reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars.
3. Our Moodstruck Minerals Eye Pigments- they are all-natural and so versatile! Gorgeous, deeply saturated colors that work wet or dry, double as liner, and can be mixed into nail polish, lip gloss, or used as hair chalk. So fun!  ***SPECIAL OFFERS: FREE SHIPPING with orders over $100. I am also offering a FREE Lucrative Lip Gloss with any makeup “collection” or $99 brush kit purchase; and 3 FREE Moodstuck Minerals Eye Pigment samples with any 3D Mascara purchase.   TO ORDER: Please visit my website to browse our wonderful Younique products @  For questions or more information please Contact/Friend/Follow me on: Facebook:  Twitter:  Pinterest:

  Angelina Rothery  Hi everyone! I am an independent consultant with Arbonne. I joined this amazing company after trying the skin care line and health and wellness products and seeing RESULTS! How can I help you change your life from the inside out? If you are looking to change your life ask me for details..I am here to help you! We offer a health and wellness program that includes full meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, full vitamins and detox items.  We are in a variety of the categories listed including: Popular skincare lines, health and fitness, and Supplements and Healthy Living Products to name a few.  We offer Preferred Clients 20% off each item. We also have a purchase with purchase sale; when you buy a certain item, you may qualify to purchase another item at a discounted rate.   My Top 3 Items:  Arbonne Intelligence Re-surfacing Pads  Arbonne CC Cream (10 advantages in 1)  Arbonne Protein shakes  We are Pure, Safe and Beneficial:  Botanically based… Vegan certified Never tested on animals Formulated without animal products or animal by-products Formulated without mineral oil Formulated without dyes Formulated without gluten Dermatologist, allergy, clinically tested pH correct  Please visit my Personal Page listed below or my website at

  Jan B. Waller  Popular Skin care lines!  Hi! I am Jan Waller an independent Avon representative, with some great deals on our most effective and economical skin care lines. We are offering our new Anew Clinical Infinite Lift which firms, contours, defines & tighens for $39.99 with a free Anew Platinum day cream broad spectum spf25 trial size($12.00 value) for free, Eye lift Pro dual eye system reg.$30.00 on sale for $24.99 and our Anew Ultimate 7S full-size 4-step regimen kit reg $95 only $64.99 with purchase you can get a pocket mini palette for only 2.99. To view other products and get direct delivery, please visit my website at If you have any questions concerning the products, please feel free to msg me here on facebook.  I look forward helping you with all your Avon and skincare needs. Jan B. Waller

  Melanie Gausz Zwiercan  Popular SKIN CARE Lines…Hi, my name is Melanie Zwiercan and I’m with TreSkinRX. We are a skin care company dedicating to promoting healthy skin. Our line of skincare products are supported by scientific research and formulated with a base of certified organic, pharmaceutical-grade aloe vera. Developed by a board-certified plastic surgeon and noted aloe researcher, the TreSkinRX line works to achieve healthier, younger-looking skin, regardless of type, tone or age.  My favorite three TreSkinRX products are the daily exfoliant EX3, our revolutionary eye cream, iEssence and the Instant Lift & Brightening Mask. Our daily exfoliant EX3 is equivalent to a physicians grade peel and contain glycolic acid, retinal and vitamin C. iEssence contains a powerful and unique combination of medical grade aloe vera, antioxidants, and one of the most promising anti-aging ingredients in skin care today, peptides. The Instant Lift & Brightening Mask provides a temporary lift to the skin and helps diminish fine lines while toning and firming. With regular usage, it will also decrease hyper pigmentation from sun damage, age spots and blemishes. When you place your first order with TreSkinRX, I will personally send you a free trial of either TreSkinRX Instant Lift & Brightening Mask or Hydrating Body Moisturizer. To place an order, please visit my TreSkinRX website at For up to date information and special, please like my TreSkinRX facebook page, TreSkinRX- Melanie Zwiercan If you would like to try TreSkinRX before you purchase full size products, go to to purchase a two week trial for $14.99. At TreSkinRX, we like to give our customers a chance to try before they buy. When purchasing a two week trial from the website, please enter melaniezwiercan in the promo code for the discounted price. Trial kits are available in normal, oily and acne skin types.


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Beautiful Living Decor for Your Home

 Theresa J Ferrari  Hi! My name is Theresa J Ferrari. I am an independent demonstrator with Uppercase Living. Uppercase Living is Beautiful Living Home Decor that offers you a decorative way to make your space a reflection of the unique individual you are. Whether you identify with a deeply motivational thought, a beautiful embellishment, a bold image, or a combination of these, Uppercase Living® expressions helps you give gifts that let you be who you are and lets you express that uniqueness inyour surroundings. This Spring our first top gift idea is our Birthday Board. You’ve seen them on Pinterest! ( ) It’s a DIY creative project. It’s the perfect gift for that hard to please individual. Next Up… Our MyDesignSuite… Personalize your child’s space. Put their name up in lights! Kids love seeing their name. We have hundreds of options for boys and girls! And… last, but definitely not least is anything Monogrammed! It’s a creative statement that can go virtually anywhere in any house! I can be reached through my facebook fan page (Like it too, please!) Uppercase Living – Theresa J Ferrari, Independent Demonstrator or my website or by email… and by phone 209.604.1939. Specials change weekly, but the details are always listed on my website! Contact me for help with a custom designs, ordering or business logo!

  Karyssa Boyd  Beautiful Living Decor for Your Home. Hello, my name is Karyssa Boyd. I am an independent consultant for Scensty. We are known for our many decorative warmers, and our great smelling scents. Another item that we are known for are the scent circles that can be place in your car. They are available in all of the scents. Another item that is nice are the scent paks! These can be placed in a locker, backpack, closet, etc! This month is the start of the new catalog for the Spring/Summer, and we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary! If you order the warmer of the month you will get a free warmer as a THANK YOU! You can contact me via Facebook, or on my website at

  Jennifer Schmidt Beautiful Living Decor for Your Home- I am Jennifer Schmidt with Pink Zebra Home Fragrances, I am a Independent Executive Consultant and we offer several different things with my company we are a direct sales company but have several products you can choose from: we have one of a kind reed diffusers, hand lotions, hand soaps, simmering lights, simmering pots, and sprinkles.  1. SPRINKLES they are made from soy beans and are consumable we offer 60 different scents and can mix and match to create your own scent.  2. We have Simmering Pots they are like hot plates no light bulb and they fit well with several different décor you can use these in your bathroom, living room, kitchen just about anywhere and I have posted a picture of one of them we have some that are 2 dish sets which are $32.00 plus shipping and taxes.  3. I am in LOVE with the Simmering Lights and Shades because I am going to tell you that we have some of the most unique shades out there they are all handmade so there are no 2 shades that alike because they are handmade, so that’s UNIQUE all in one.  Please visit my FB page and my website If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.

  LaKesha Gaines  Hi my name is LaKesha Gaines I am a Princess House Consultant. Princess House use to be known as “The Crystal Company” , we’ve been in business for 51 years. We have fine crafted crystal as well as top of the line Stainless Steel Cookware. We offer over 100 items under $30. Princess House promotes healthy living with our non stick cookware and BPA Free products. Top sellers 1. Miracle 3 qt. Dish. This dish is apart of our Fantasia collection. There are 2 ways to get this item purchase it at $79.95 or as a Hostess for $17.95. 2. Collect and save cookware. Our cookware has been broken down into smaller sets to make purchasing more affordable. There are 6 sets to choose from with 2 styles our classic or non stick. Price ranges from $169 – $699. We also offer layaway. 3. Fantasia store and go comes in 7 sizes these containers go from the freezer, fridge, oven, and microwave. They are also dishwasher safe and the lids are BPA Free. Princess House has customer specials monthly as well. Start a new collection or add to an existing one. To view an online catalog go to if you need help or I’ve questions email me at or call me at 443-768-5270

  Kandy Janes-Rhyno  Beautiful Living Décor for your home  – Hi… name is Kandy Janes-Rhyno and I am an independent Superstar Consultant with Scentsy fragrance in Ontario, Canada. We offer beautifully, crafted plug in warmers for your home or office. We are you safe, alternative to scented candles. Need Scentsy on the go…..try our travel tins, scent circles or room sprays. Our Scentsy buddies are fantastic for your little ones………or even yourself. The great thing with Scentsy, is that every selling season they have a charitable cause warmer or Buddy. This season for the spring/summer line it our Roosevelt Rabbit………$7.50 from every one sold goes to the Starlight Foundation (Canada). In the States…….its the March of Dimes. We have the Layers line, which is our bath, body and laundry line. You can visit my website at to view the full catalogue.

  Kristine Howard  Beautiful Living Decor – Hey there! My name is Kristine and I would love to help you to entertaine, simply. Mary & Martha offers home decor that not only is gorgeous, it inspires you to love on your family and friends. I can help with ideas and tips to use every day or even on special occasions. From a giant chalk board tray that doubles as a serving piece and message center, to bakeware that is oven and freezer safe, i can help you make your home inviting and have fun doing it.


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Essentials for Your Kitchen

 Edie Marie Hastings Young Direct sales service and opportunity –Hi, I’m Edie Marie Young with The Pampered Chef. We sell high quality kitchen tools and teach people to eat healthier at home for around $2 per serving, leaving fast food behind! We’ve been around for over 33 years and have the financial backing of billionaire Warren Buffett. The company stands behinds its products and its people. In my opinion, the 3 most popular and useful tools are: the Rockcrok, our go-everywhere, do-everything pan (comes in 2 sizes); the Manual Food Processor – like all TPC items, no electricity needed, so it travels perfectly, and has a full 3-cup capacity; and any Stoneware piece – everything cooks evenly, and the stone develops its own non-stick coating.***I’m offering our Breakfast Duo – the Microwave Egg Cooker and Small Ridged Baker Stoneware – for only $45 plus tax ($6 savings), plus free shipping!! Please visit my website at and my Facebook page at Message me directly if you’d like to take advantage of my special!!

  Bethany Kohler  Essentials for Your KITCHEN –  Hello, I’m Bethany Kohler, an Independent Executive Manager with Tupperware. We offer the best custom kitchen storage solution and an exclusive fundraising line (40% profit). The top 3 items customers look for are:  1. Modular Mates – create your own custom kitchen and eliminate buying multiples of the same product on accident because your cupboard or pantry is hard to navigate.  2. Quick Chef Pro – think food processor with no electric and no need to pray you didn’t just destroy the food you put inside  3. On the Go Items – water bottles, lunch sets, small containers and more, great for everyone in the family from kids to adults  I offer a first time customer discount and referral program. Please contact me for details. May is always a great time for hostesses with Tupperware’s host programs and you can see them on my website.  Feel free to browse my website – and contact me with any questions or to receive your first time customer discount. For recipes and more, visit me at

  Mary Partee  Hi my name is Mary Partee a team leader/independent consultant with the Pampered Chef. If you clicked on kitchen essentials I can help you find yours! My top 3 tools for the kitchen you ask? For ease our Deep Covered Baker is your one pot wonder. For essential tools our knife sets of course. My most used product a tie between the Food Chopper and our Classic Batter Bowl.   facebook me or order 24/7 from my website

  Karen A Dolinsky  Kitchen Essentials: Hi my name is Karen Dolinsky. I am a Tupperware Consultant located in upstate NY. I love to share all the benefits of the Tupperware products with my friends, family, hosts & their guests. There is nothing more rewarding then being able to shower my hosts with lots of FREE Tupperware. We have many products for essentially every need for your kitchen. We have a wide array of products for the little ones in your life as well. From the classic Shape O Toy to the Bell Tumblers with Sipper Seals. Contact me to find your favorites. Tupperware stands by its lifetime warranty.

  Trudi Johnston  Essentials for Your KITCHEN  Hi! My name is Trudi Johnston. I am an Independent Manager with Tupperware. With our 65 year reputation of quality products, Tupperware offers the best warranty available on your kitchen essentials. I can help you save Time, Money, Space, Taste and Waste by using our Lifetime Warranty products. Extend the life of your produce with our FridgeSmarts, Organize your Cabinets with Modular Mates, Cut your time in the Kitchen with our fabulous Quick Chef Pro or Power Chef. We can help you make HEALTHY meals in Minutes in the Microwave with my FAVORITE product, the Smart Steamer ~ even Dr Oz loves it  There is soo much more! Earn it for FREE & Half price by hosting a party, or visit my website @  to get yours today! Get 15% off your first order (placed direct with me) or a $50 Surprise Pack when you host a party (in addition to host offers)! Find me on FB


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