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Words on a Page

Do you sometimes just sit down with a book and open to a random page to look for wisdom/inspiration? Some of my best ideas have come from this little action.

Have you ever tried it? What happened? Did you learn a business lesson at just the right moment? Where you motivated to take a risky step that made all the difference? What’s YOUR STORY?

Heres a few to get you started:
  • Mariah Colella-Slider I do it with my bible… and it always helps!
  • Giorgianna Michelle Goudas I have done this with my book of meditations.. and also with the bible. I have done this not for business reasons, but if I felt lost or confused in general… Actually, I can say that 90% of the time I come across something that helps me get through whatever it is that is keeping me down! 🙂:) In effect,though, this does help me professionally, because if we are not “okay” mentally/emotionally, we cannot work to the best of our abilities. 
    Great question!!

    This one happened this morning:

    I had to get up and take a walk.  I needed to THINK my way through a problem.  I was getting no where sitting in front of the computer.  As, I pushed away from my desk, I grabbed “How To Get Rich” by Felix Dennis.  As an author, he is not my usual cup of tea, but he is one of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs, so I have been reading his book ssssllllooooowwllyy over the last few months, for inspiration.  I am on the chapter called The Power of Focus – yeah ironic.

    Here’s what I read,

    “Only hire winners.  There may or may not be such a thing as bad luck.  But whether it exists or not, it is certainly contagious.  Hire Winners or people you believe will become winners.  Fire whiners and moaners swiftly.  That’s contagious, too.  You are trying to create an environment where making money is on everyone’s mind most of the time.  Losers and winers usually have other priorities.”  

    Those words hit me like a bolt from above today!  They stopped me in my tracks and lit a whole new idea in my head!  Here’s what came from that moment of INSPIRATION:  Problem – Trying to Save the World.  lol Yeah, I work on that sometimes.  

    I was thinking about how to help certain people with their business.  I was thinking about my own experiences in Direct Sales and then applied Felix’s advice.  In Direct Sales, reps typically think, “I’d be happy if anyone joined my business.  The more sign ups the better.”  BUT… Felix and I do NOT agree.

    “Only Hire Winners!”  No, you are not ‘hiring’ people when they join your organization, but you are letting them in to your  business and they WILL have an effect on your SUCCESS. “Bad luck” like a Bad attitude is CONTAGIOUS, and it can suck up a lot of your time and energy – just thinking about it.  Example:  Think about the people that already exists on your team.  Remember back to a moment when one them ‘whined or moaned’.  lol Just thinking about them, makes you start frowning right?!  It stops you in your path. Solving their problems kept you from your priorities – Right?

    Now, think about someone on your team, who has had some success, maybe more that you.  Do you start dreaming about the future when they pop in to your mind?  That’s what happens to me.  Their Winning Attitude is CONTAGIOUS, even when I just think about them and when I hang around them – WOW!  That’s POWERFUL STUFF!

    In your business, you are trying to earn money.  There may be a lot of other admirable things you are trying to accomplish too, but in order to succeed at any of these things You Must, “Create the environment”.  Weed out Losers and SEEK out Winners and you will find that you have a lot more time, a TON more fun and a huge amount of success!

    Thanks Felix!

I Am The One

I have the words, “I am the ONE” posted next to my desk. They are impossible to miss when I am sitting down to work or getting up to play. They remind me that I AM the one who has to do the work, make the calls, have great ideas, follow up and that I AM also the one who succeeds in her efforts, gets the rewards, holds the titles.

These 2 little words motivate me to MAKE MY OWN REALITY and they remind me only I AM responsible for what that reality is.

I AM never going to stop looking at those words! 🙂:)

We Asked a Few Direct Sales Reps

What are YOU Thankful for?

We asked that they Share 4 Things about their Company, their Products, their Team or the DS Industry that they are truly grateful for. The REP with the BIGGEST Heart – FULL of Gratitude was given a FREE StateWide Listing

on or in Canada at

Here’s the List of Grateful Reps.  It’s worth a read if you are need of a little inspiration!

April Rottmann

I am sooo thankful for Norwex! Taking the harsh chemicals out of my home and still being able to clean quickly and easily is just awesome!! I am also thankful for my 35% discount. This gives me the ability to not charge shipping to my customers who purchase my cash & carry!! And, I usually give another 6.25% discount, along with the free shipping & handling. I know this cuts into my commision, but I’d rather spread the Norwex mission of radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning! I am thankful for being able to set my own hours, and very thankful for the wonderful people I meet while sharing the love of Norwex!! My heart jumps for joy when people run up to my table (at events) and say “I LOVE NORWEX!!” 🙂


Nicole R Royal Hmmm, where do I begin!!? First, I am most thankful for those who have partnered with and trust in me to help usher their families to financial freedom through Organon Gold. Second, I am thankful to the leadership of Organo Gold and their genius of creating a system that no matter where in the 30+ countries I send a potential business partner and new partners, they see the system as it would be any where in the world. It gives me the ability to “clone” myself to help my business partners succeed. Third, after 22 years in the industry, I am thankful for finally finding a company who invests more in growing me as a person and as a leader so I may be the very best at helping others achieve their full potential. Lastly, & certainly not least, I am thankful to the world of direct sales/network marketing for giving people the option and ability to outlive their dreams by taking their lives into their own hands and creating the stories that inspire others to reach for the stars.

Natural Health Solutions I am so thankful to have such a wonderful team by my side! @ It Works the focus in on Friendship, Fun & Freedom and that is just the beginning. I am surrounded by men & women with one goal- to help others live healthier, happier lives* Everyday we each…See More

Natural Health Solutions I would love to see more activity for It Works! rep’s 🙂

Kim Newsom You !!!!

Tiffany Hathorn I am thankful that I am with a company now that I can include my family in. I used to be a consultant in the romance industry and, though I did not feel that there was anything inherently wrong with what I did, I still did not feel completely comfortable with involving my family — especially not my 2 year old son. But now that is not an issue since I am with ItWorks. My mom is actually on my team, my family helps me to get parties, and when my son is older, I will recruit him to help me with paperwork and passing out fliers.

Yvette Huard Barber I am so grateful to represent a company that truly supports their Consultants, be on a Team that is supportive and helpful, that I am able to offer a product that not only sells itself, but that people actually want and to be able to feel that with every sale I am helping my Hosts and Customers!

Megan Brown My name is Megan Brown and I am a Pink Zebra Consultant. Pink Zebra is a wonderful Home Fragrance Company. We offer soy based “Sprinkles” in several different fragrances as well as candles and oil diffusers. We also offer lotions and hand soaps in a few of our fragrances. We have wonderful charity called HEROES. We donate day care to single mothers. I love this company. The members of my upline are always there for me and I wouldn’t want to be with any other company. I am still very new with this business and they are always right next to the phone when I need anything. They are more than happy to share their ideas with you.

Davina Calloway Denny WOW!! SO MUCH SO MUCH!!!!!   1 – Our products are improving peoples health – weight loss, energy, diabetes, blood pressure, scars, stretch marks! 2 – Our leaders pray for all of us! They care about us as individuals as well as our role in building the person! 3 – Financial Freedom – this company has the absolute best compensation plan EVER!! You can make money right off the bat!!! And the potential, as with all Network Marketing Organizations, is UNLIMITED!! That is for ANYONE!!! 4 – This business has helped to restore my self worth – as a stay at home mom, it is so hard to feel like I contribute to our family!! Crazy but true!! I am forever changed by It Works Global and I love how it is changing so many others lives!! What a blessing!!! SO VERY THANKFUL!!!

Joann Riddle Wagoner I am 4-ever grateful for Miche! 1. Miche has allowed me to have greater financial freedom by providing me with the tools and training to become a Managing Director in less than a year. (It has also provided the financial freedom to the working representatives on my team.) 2. Miche designed a special Shell for cancer survivors and has donated over $1,000,000.00 to cancer research over the past four years. 3. Miche encourages representatives to “give back” by participating in corporate mission trips across the globe. 4. Miche incentives are incredible…this year’s incentive trip is an all expenses paid trip for two to the Dominican Republic.

Alysha Kruse I am thankful for my scentsy upline…she is an awesome person and very nice without her i wouldnt be with the amazing company today!

Kim Ellis Spano I am thankful to work for a DEBT FREE company! I am thankful for “the crazy wrap thing” and the opportunity to change lives by sharing it with others. I am thankful for financial freedom and being able to help others achieve it, too. I am thankful and SO blessed for the many friendships that are family-like. I love the It Works! way!!!!

Steven Murch I am thankful for being a LifeShotz Representative and changing lives…and my family and friends…and GOD…

Strategies that WILL Give YOU the Power To Change Everything

Taken from Tony Robbins

Take control of your decisions and your life with these strategies.

What is the single force that shapes the quality of our lives?

What power do we have that can change everything? As you and I both know, the answer is the power of choice.

During the past 30 years I’ve had the privilege of working with an incredibly diverse group of people, from presidents of countries to professional athletes, from managers to moms, from gang members to high-powered business executives.  I’ve had the unique opportunity to see people in the midst of real challenges, whether it’s the professional athlete who wants to regain his competitive edge, the business leader who wants to expand her influence or the political leader who struggles with a difficult decision.  I may not have all the answers (who does?), but after working with so many people and observing the patterns that make them succeed or fail, one thing I am sure of is this: It is our decisions, not our conditions, that determine the quality of our lives.

Take a look at your own life. Are you where you want to be?  Are you as healthy or financially secure or as happy in your relationships as you would like to be?  Or, even if things are going well, are you looking for that extra edge to retain the competitive advantage?  Perhaps you feel that in spite of your success, there’s more out there for you, but for some reason, you haven’t grasped it yet.  Your first instinct may be to blame the economy, or the housing market, or someone who has treated you unfairly.

Before we go any further, we need to understand that we are where we are today because of the decisions we’ve made, decisions about what to focus on, decisions about where to place our priorities, decisions about what things mean and decisions about what to do.  For example, if your business or career has been affected by the recession, do you feel that you are being punished or challenged to find a new path?  What are you going to do about it?  Are you going to give up or give more?  No matter what we have experienced in the past, our history is not our destiny, we all have the power to make new decisions today.

Here’s another way to look at it: Success is a result of good judgment; good judgment is a result of experience, in most cases. And what about experience? Yes, experience is most often a result of bad judgment.

So here’s the good news: The experience gained from bad judgment and bad decisions is unbelievably valuable, it’s priceless!  So don’t waste time beating yourself up over poor decisions you’ve made; learn from the experiences.  Really, failure is actually one of the best ways we learn.  When people succeed, they celebrate.  When they fail, they ponder.  They stop and think, What happened here?  What could I have done differently? It’s only through self-evaluation that we learn how to make better decisions.  So, when you make mistakes, learn from them; use your experience to improve your judgment and make better decisions.

The Path to Freedom—Financial or Otherwise

We’re living in extraordinarily difficult times.  Every day we read about and experience more challenges, often related to things we can’t control, whether it’s the economy, the environment or unemployment.  We can allow the stress and uncertainty caused by these events to overwhelm us or we can transform our lives by making different decisions.

One of the decisions we can make is to live with a mindset of abundance.  What I mean by this is if we live as though wealth has more to do with what’s in our minds than what’s in our wallets, if we understand that how we feel is more important than what we have, we can discover an immense sense of freedom and happiness.

Think about it: Do you know anyone who has a lot of money but doesn’t feel free, doesn’t feel loved, doesn’t feel like he has a choice?  Sure you do.  You may even feel that way yourself.  That feeling happens when you’re not in control of your emotions because you’re looking for someone or something external to fill internal needs.

I don’t care what you’ve achieved or how much money you’ve earned, if you live with an attitude of scarcity and limitation, if you wait for someone or something else to fulfill you, you’re not going to be happy.  You must make the decision to live with a mentality of abundance, and you will experience true freedom.

It’s Your Time

Everything that happens in your life – what you’re thrilled with and what you’re challenged by – began with a decision. Your life is the outcome of the decisions you’ve made and the actions you’ve taken as a result of those decisions.  Different decisions produce different results.

If you want to control the direction of your life, you must consistently make good decisions.  It’s not what you do once in a while that has an impact on the direction of your life – it’s what you do consistently.  Make decisions today about how you are going to live in the years to come.  For your decisions to really make a difference in your life it’s imperative to decide what results you’re committed to – and know specifically how these results will transform your life.  It’s equally critical to decide what kind of person you’re committed to becoming.  Get clear about what you want to be, do and have, and what your life will be like after you accomplish this.  With that clarity, you’ll find it becomes easier to make the kinds of decisions that will move you in the direction you desire.

S0, what are your standards? What will you demand from life?  Decide today if you’ll accept life as it is or if you’ll live your life on your own terms, at the edge and at the highest level.

We Know YOU Can Do This!


Direct Sales and Families

Direct Sales Success Tip:

There does not have to be separation between family and work life when you are in Direct Sales. What you do IS who you are! Appreciate and incorporate ebb and flow times so that LIFE does not pull too much in either direction. Sometimes work demands more and other times it will be the family.

BUT… Incorporate your family as much as possible into your work so that you will get more understanding and enthusiasm for what you are trying to accomplish.

THEN… Let go of society’s “normal” and create your own ‘Perfect World’. What’s normal and works for each family is going to be different. Be Creative and Create Your Own Balance.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Time Management can be a huge struggle for any entrepreneur.

The key- Don’t Waste Your Time:                  

Define your purpose!

Your priorities, energy, mental clarity and focus will then fall naturally in to place.

When you become really clear about who you are and what you want, your purpose will become clear too. That’s when you can more effectively lay out your priorities. You will know just what to do. Getting your priorities (goals) straight will help you to naturally begin to make better choices and you will know where to put your time and energy.

Stay away from negative energy, drama, bad habits, and empty foods. They all drain your focus, energy and mental clarity.

The healthier and more passionate someone is about who they are and what they are doing, typically the more effective they are in every hour of every day. Having a passion for living your purpose is the ultimate fuel for success. Living in the drama-free zone is a great place to start.