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Business UPDATE: Gets 1 Step Closer to the Official Launch of it’s New Direct Sales Initiative


As continues the pre-launch of their new direct sales initiative in the United States, an exclusive group of Consultants are being selected to participate. Independent Consultants are rewarded for marketing featured listings to millions of local network marketing representatives.

Pre screened, select reps who have a Featured Listing on are now being invited to join the team Get Listed, Get Leads, Grow Your Businessas Independent Consultants. This “1st 1000” team of Consultants will be the first to take part in this new and exciting direct sales opportunity. They’ll benefit from the generous 50% commission on listing sales, as well as support and industry training from experts who know what it takes to succeed in direct began their Pre-Launch phase in January, 2013, allowing just 100 active Independent Consultants in to the Market Place at one time.  Since January, requests to join the FindSalesRep team have been collected and is now, opening up the opportunity to a limited 1000 reps.  “The reason why we are limiting the pre Launch phase is to insure the success of the those that join early.  We are working closely with the first 1000 to provide helpful tools and information for these new Consultants.” Independent Consultants have access to a live list of open Nationwide and Statewide listings on The sales board, called the Hot List on facebook at FSR-Independent-Consultant-Community provides fresh data to help consultants know what listings are currently available for sale as well as motivation and sales tips that they can then translate to their own business. The FSR Independent Consultant Community also recognizes top sellers and motivate the team. Co-Founder Gabby Gmyrek said, “Our goal on the FSR Community page is to provide a real financial opportunity for Consultants while at the same time educating and motivating the field and celebrating individual achievements. Whether you are new to network marketing or an experienced leader – our goal is to help all reps shorten the learning curve and accelerate their growth by teaming up with”.

google plus photo of gabbyOur reps were already referring their teams and networks to and we wanted to find a way to reward them financially for their referrals.

The new opportunity offers an additional income stream for Consultants and provides simple strategies to help reps learn to increase their sales, income, and attract solid business partners.  In addition, the 1st 1000 team, during pre-launch has accesses to a an incredibly simple and lucrative compensation plan, earning 50% on all sales that go through their business centers.  In return, FSR 1st 1000 are required to provide feedback that will help guide the team as they strive to prefect the direct sales program before it’s official launch later in 2013.

WHY? is bringing the direct selling opportunity to it’s reps because they firmly believe that the multi-billion dollar direct sales industry, in which many major corporations have engaged, is the best way to do business. In referral marketing or direct selling, a rep will grow their business by word of mouth referral. “Our reps are already referring their teams and networks to and we wanted to find a way to reward them financially for their referrals.” states Gabby. The small group of 1000 Independent Consultants that is partnering with is being hand picked and weeded.  Only those reps with a strong track record in their primary company are being selected and only those that help by supporting the community with feed back, camaraderie and creativity. These Consultants will help local direct sales reps get found online, and will receive a 50% commission for their efforts. They can be creative and use their skills  by having parties, demonstrations of the product one on one, or through the Internet or social media sites.   The possible ways to share are limit less and is encouraging reps to use their skills, talents and ingenuity to grow their FindSalesRep business.  “We are providing them with the building blocks,” Gmyrek emphasizes, “then we’re standing back to see what they create.”

Whether you are an established or emerging entrepreneur, you will immediately be able to use the tips and techniques FindSalesRep offers to it’s Independent Consultants. “This is an exciting development at  it’s another example of the innovation that we continue bringing to the changing world of online marketing,” Gmyrek concludes.

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Welcome to the DIRECT SALES and Home Party SNEAK PEEK Outlet

Welcome to the DIRECT SALES and Home Party SNEAK PEEK Outlet!  

Each year, in the Fall Direct Sales Companies release NEW Products, New Catalogues and New Opportunities.  It’s a great time to shop!

In the SNEAK PEEK OUTLET, we are re-inventing how people buy direct sales products online.  For many people, shopping online can be confusing.  You may not be sure what products are right for you, how to purchase them or even how to get the lowest price.  These reps do!  Just ask any questions you may have.  These Reps are going to give you the individualized attention you deserve.


autumn edition sneak peak 2Because Direct sales reps love helping people and are experts in the products and services they offer, so they are uniquely suited to help people find just the right products at exactly the right prices.

Getting Started:

1) Look through the Categories below. Click on the Category that interests you. Go Where Your Heart Leads You.

2) Watch for the Advisors Top 3 SNEAK PEEKS.  These reps are professionals, they know how to help you find what you are looking for and how to get it at great price.

3) Many Sneak Peek Advisors will be offering coupons or special offers.  Take advantage!

4) IF YOU NEED HELP… Go directly to the SNEAK PEEK Advisor’s website or connect with them on Facebook and contact them directly.

5) If you see what you want – follow the link to the SNEAK PEEK Advisor’s personal webpage site and put it in your cart. You’ll be done and if you have questions, you will be able to contact the rep directly to get answers.

6) IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SPECIFIC and you don’t see it on the list, We DO Take Requests.  Just ask for help!  We can help you FIND a SNEAK PEEK Advisor From ANY Direct Sales Company!

Pick a Category:



Natural and Organic Products

Weight Loss

Health and Fitness

Fashion and COOL Clothes


Personalize It 


Sexy and Romantic



KITCHEN Essentials 

Beautiful Living Home Decor

Wholesome FOODS for YOUR Home

HANDBAGS and Pretty Purses

Nails & Make Up

Bath SPA and Beauty

Coffee & Wine

Build It  Make It  Create It

Direct Sales Services and Opportunities

Or you can Click here to Ask Questions and get help from SNEAK PEEK Advisor on Facebook 

NOTE to GUYS:  You know it’s TRUE, shopping for the women in your life is like doing your own brain surgery. You Need a Personal SNEAK PEEK Advisor-LET these Reps Help!

Rep OPPORTUNITY:  Sometimes in direct sales, you feel like you’re begging for people to listen to you.  In the SNEAK PEEK OUTLET, reps will be blown away as customers seek you out  for advice and for the ‘easy way’ to learn more and buy your products. Reps in the SNEAK PEEK OUTLET will get found all year long by people looking for exactly what they have – fantastic products, that really work and people love!  To Get IN the Outlet please email

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