Essentials for Your Kitchen

 Edie Marie Hastings Young Direct sales service and opportunity –Hi, I’m Edie Marie Young with The Pampered Chef. We sell high quality kitchen tools and teach people to eat healthier at home for around $2 per serving, leaving fast food behind! We’ve been around for over 33 years and have the financial backing of billionaire Warren Buffett. The company stands behinds its products and its people. In my opinion, the 3 most popular and useful tools are: the Rockcrok, our go-everywhere, do-everything pan (comes in 2 sizes); the Manual Food Processor – like all TPC items, no electricity needed, so it travels perfectly, and has a full 3-cup capacity; and any Stoneware piece – everything cooks evenly, and the stone develops its own non-stick coating.***I’m offering our Breakfast Duo – the Microwave Egg Cooker and Small Ridged Baker Stoneware – for only $45 plus tax ($6 savings), plus free shipping!! Please visit my website at and my Facebook page at Message me directly if you’d like to take advantage of my special!!

  Bethany Kohler  Essentials for Your KITCHEN –  Hello, I’m Bethany Kohler, an Independent Executive Manager with Tupperware. We offer the best custom kitchen storage solution and an exclusive fundraising line (40% profit). The top 3 items customers look for are:  1. Modular Mates – create your own custom kitchen and eliminate buying multiples of the same product on accident because your cupboard or pantry is hard to navigate.  2. Quick Chef Pro – think food processor with no electric and no need to pray you didn’t just destroy the food you put inside  3. On the Go Items – water bottles, lunch sets, small containers and more, great for everyone in the family from kids to adults  I offer a first time customer discount and referral program. Please contact me for details. May is always a great time for hostesses with Tupperware’s host programs and you can see them on my website.  Feel free to browse my website – and contact me with any questions or to receive your first time customer discount. For recipes and more, visit me at

  Mary Partee  Hi my name is Mary Partee a team leader/independent consultant with the Pampered Chef. If you clicked on kitchen essentials I can help you find yours! My top 3 tools for the kitchen you ask? For ease our Deep Covered Baker is your one pot wonder. For essential tools our knife sets of course. My most used product a tie between the Food Chopper and our Classic Batter Bowl.   facebook me or order 24/7 from my website

  Karen A Dolinsky  Kitchen Essentials: Hi my name is Karen Dolinsky. I am a Tupperware Consultant located in upstate NY. I love to share all the benefits of the Tupperware products with my friends, family, hosts & their guests. There is nothing more rewarding then being able to shower my hosts with lots of FREE Tupperware. We have many products for essentially every need for your kitchen. We have a wide array of products for the little ones in your life as well. From the classic Shape O Toy to the Bell Tumblers with Sipper Seals. Contact me to find your favorites. Tupperware stands by its lifetime warranty.

  Trudi Johnston  Essentials for Your KITCHEN  Hi! My name is Trudi Johnston. I am an Independent Manager with Tupperware. With our 65 year reputation of quality products, Tupperware offers the best warranty available on your kitchen essentials. I can help you save Time, Money, Space, Taste and Waste by using our Lifetime Warranty products. Extend the life of your produce with our FridgeSmarts, Organize your Cabinets with Modular Mates, Cut your time in the Kitchen with our fabulous Quick Chef Pro or Power Chef. We can help you make HEALTHY meals in Minutes in the Microwave with my FAVORITE product, the Smart Steamer ~ even Dr Oz loves it  There is soo much more! Earn it for FREE & Half price by hosting a party, or visit my website @  to get yours today! Get 15% off your first order (placed direct with me) or a $50 Surprise Pack when you host a party (in addition to host offers)! Find me on FB


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