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  Tara LaMagna  Spa Bath and Beauty! My name is Tara LaMagna. I’m with Lemongrass Spa Products. We offer 97-100% natural and organic skin care products that are hand made in Colorado. Did you know in the U.S. only one ingredient in a skin care product has to be natural for them to be able to label it “natural” on the front of it? Our products truly are! Not only that but since we don’t have fillers or preservatives the products go a LONG way!  Top 3 Favorites:  1. Healing Elements-Used for dry skin, diaper rash, eczema, psoriasis, dry cracked hands and so much more! Get a family sized jar for $22 that will last you 6 months!  2. Body Polish-This salt/sugar based scrub will get rid of your dry skin and leave your skin moisturized with it’s essential oils! This is our top selling product!  3. Foot Spa Kit- Enjoy 35 foot spas at home! Start with our herbal foot soak, next use our walnut foot scrub to get ride of the dry dead skin and finish by applying our peppermint foot balm! Your feet will feel smooth and smell great! *Receive a FREE lotion when you place an order on my site using the directions below!***To order or browse our online catalog go to www.ourlemongrassspa.com/taraslg  Click Shop Online and choose the Get Found event.

 Raynelle Patterson SPA bath and beauty – Hello, my name is Raynelle Patterson. I am with Lemongrass Spa Products!! Our products are 97-100% all natural and chemical free!! Our company has now been around for 12 years, and we have amazing products, that are so good for your skin, and everything is handmade in Colorado, with the date it was made at the bottom!! We offer everything from an organic baby line, to a men’s line, our Sheer minerals Makeup, a huge variety of different lotions, facial products, body washes, foot soak products and so much more!!  My favorite products are first the body polishes (sugar scrubs). I use it daily in the shower/ bath to exfoliate my skin, and it leaves a nice light oil coating for extra moisture. Also the oils that are left on the skin, are great to use for shaving, and honestly will give you the best shave ever!! Plus its so natural you can taste them!! Another one of my must have products is our Healing Elements Balm. This product has an amazing mixture of chamomile, lavender, calendula and zinc oxide and is used for a variety of different uses, such as diaper rash, any rashes, insect bites, acne, fungus infections, cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns, eczema, and so much more! I call it my miracle in a jar, because I have used it on so many different problems I have had!! Another favorite product of mine is our body sprays. What sets ours apart is that ours does not contain any alcohol, and when you spray it on your skin, will go on like a light lotion! It is great for the summer, because it’s not super thick, and it smells great. No matter which scent you choose!! My favorite use for this product, and keep in mind, I have very thick, frizzy, curly hair. Is a leave in hair conditioner!! It helps smooth my hair, and detangle it, and also helps with the extra fly aways! ****As a special I will be running, on this event only, and if you do order, please let me know that you found me on Find a Sales Rep!! If you spend $50 you will receive a free lip balm of your choice! If you spend $75, you will receive a free bar of soap of your choice. If you spend $100 get a free body spritz of your choice. Anything over $150, and you will receive a free body polish of your choice!!! Also for the month of March, Lemongrass is offering either one of our bronzing butters, which we have Tangerine and Amber Glow. Originally $17, this month only $12!! Also, for the month of March. If you purchase a jar of our Sheer minerals foundation, receive either a blush, or Kabuki brush half off!!  If you are interested in making a purchase or learning more about our products, please feel free to come over and check out my personal fan page https://www.facebook.com/raynellelemongrassspa or come over to my website www.ourlemongrassspa.com/2378  Also you can contact me at raynellepatterson@gmail.com!!


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